New Mario movie in the works

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Fart jokes are probably Wario territory.

Hmmm I am curious about casting choices... but who isn't?

Merry Moldo

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Princess Mario said:
Fart jokes are probably Wario territory.

Hmmm I am curious about casting choices... but who isn't?
I can see the credits now:

Mario - Charles Martinet
Luigi - Charles Martinet
Wario - Charles Martinet
Waluigi - Charles Martinet
Toadsworth - Charles Martinet


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Shygul said:
i will pay to see this movie day one if martinet voices an entire movie
Being the narrator would also be quite neat. He did a great job in Runner2 and Runner3 as a narrator.

Thank you for reading.


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Lucario said:
Well that's good. At least we know it won't suck too much
It'll probably be more faithful to the source material than last time but dude seriously thought the plot to star fox zero was some revolutionary shit worth hyping up

Jolly DönerMax

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And that "last time" involved hookers, ceiling penis, tiny-headed reptilian abominations, Great Menu Publications, Mario being afraid of heights, and John Leguizamo. So, not exactly a high bar for being more faithful.


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You know people always say Peach in this comic was great for her proactiveness and while it is certainly entertaining to watch it does remind me of why it's generally a bad thing for leaders of nations to be on the "frontlines" so to speak.

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Well, Peach is in a more of a "damned if you do, damned if you don't" situation. Maybe this was Peach's new approach to things, to try to be more... assertive :p. Too bad that didn't work so she stopped after that.


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yea ive heard of that rumor before and id be so happy if it were real since i love mario adventures..
and i just realised weve known of the movie for 2 years but we Still dont know anything about it!! dangit


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I just bought and read the Super Mario Adventures several weeks ago! What a good read, I'd be happy with a movie adaptation of it, as long as they fix it up a little bit (eg#1. removing that salesman guy).