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It's time for a new poll! This week, we want to know, now that we're in the midst of the big 35th anniversary celebration of the series that brought us here in the first place, if you feel like Nintendo has done enough for their most famous plumber? Are you happy with what we had, or did you hope for something more?

Are you satisfied with Nintendo's announced releases for Super Mario's 35th anniversary?
  • Yes, I think Nintendo has announced a large enough collection of titles and merchandise to make this a satisfying celebration.
  • I like the announced titles and merchandise, but would have preferred to have an entirely new Mario game announced for the anniversary, too.
  • I would have preferred that more classic Mario games had been rereleased in some form as part of the anniversary.
  • No, as too much of the announcements were for merchandise, rather than game titles.
  • No, I feel that they should be releasing a much greater amount of non-game merchandise.
  • I would have liked the announcements more if certain announced titles were not limited edition.

I personally must go with option two. I'm incredibly happy that 3D All-Stars is bringing three classic titles back for another generation, especially as Gamecube titles seem more out of reach than ever (and to fulfill my childhood fantasy of playing Sunshine on a handheld). I'm also fine with the 3D World rerelease, and some of the small sideshows we had like Super Mario Bros 35 and the Game & Watch, but... oy, if there were ever the time for a new major Mario title, following up on injecting some of the freshness of Odyssey into another 3D title, or harkening back to the days when the first New Super Mario Bros felt innovative and like a return to form... this would have been it.


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Honestly, I didn't really care much for the games that were announced. The only draw to All-Stars 3D was Sunshine, and I'm quite ambivalent on that on the whole, and the 3D World remake didn't massively interest me too much. I would've been a lot more interested if a new game was announced.

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option 2: I really loved all that they gave almost all the fans what they wanted, limited releases were a bit upsetting, but overall I personally
wanted a whole new open world mario game, because mario odyssey is not an open world game, at least for me. I wanted something like botw, skyrim, etc, having a whole map to explore without being really able to 100% the game, basically I mean it to never be able to end your exploration, at least just at some point that you can't really have fun with it anymore.

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Options 2 and 6: It's a shame that they didn't release new content, and I would've liked them not to be limited edition as well. I am however going towards Option 2, as I think they needed more brand new content (about all of them, apart from the battle royale SMB, were ports)

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option 2. while i like the announcements, it was the perfect opportunity to announce a brand new game, if they announced say, origami king during the direct (i know origami king came out before the direct but still), it wouldve been amazing. still, 3d all stars and bowsers fury were pretty good

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No. Nintendo needs to put more effort in the schlop they put out.


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What if I told you you can strongly think both of these things (I wanted a new Mario game, but I also was disappointed that Galaxy 2 didn’t make it to 3D All Stars)

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When developing remakes, where do you feel Nintendo should mostly focus?
  • Nintendo should focus on remaking well-received games, without significantly altering the experience of the original.
  • Nintendo should focus on remaking games which were generally liked but had flaws, so that they can be ironed out to their full potential.
  • Nintendo should focus on remaking poorly received games, overhauling them into a new experience.
  • Nintendo should remake any games, so long as additions or changes are made that make them worth revisiting.
  • Nintendo should avoid remaking games and instead focus on entirely new games.

A new poll for everyone! Nintendo is no stranger to developing remakes of their classic titles, but what kind of remakes do you actually want to see? Are you in favor of old favorites returning, or should games that were less-than-stellar have a second shot?

Personally, I'm in the middle. I support option two. Take games which were all-around good but held back by a few glaring issues, and give them a second shot with new quality of life adjustments and expansions.


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I'm all for remakes. Super Mario 3D All-Stars and the Wii U ports+a little extra are kind of disappointing (though still fun to play) since it's really just the same games again. But for games like Link's Awakening on Switch, yeah, that's more what I'm looking for. Old games completely redone for the modern era, with the original games through some kind of, idk, virtual service? Has Nintendo done that yet?