Most Notable Mario Fanart?


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This topic is inspired by how there's one piece of Mario fanart in Robot Chicken ("The Fattest Fat Loser"). It seems like this artwork pops up so often that it might as well be one of the famous Mario fan art. Specifically, I am talking about this one here:

What are some of the most often-seen Mario fan art that you know?

Thanks for reading.

Dr. Peach

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I see Sigurdhosenfeld's work a lot. Some of it is NSFW.


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These are some significant ones in my dA faves.


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Masabowser makes some nifty Bowser artwork.


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A decade ago, Max Landis produced an horrible Mario movie script and paid an artist to produce "realistic" art for it. I dunno fi these are posten often anymore but they're totally rad



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I don't know if it's noticeable for your guys, but this artist is noticeable for me.

Here's YoshiMan!


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I remember coming across the following drawing of Princess Peach.

Peach definitely looks attractive on that drawing, and since you can see Bowser's shadow, it's no wonder why he wants to kidnap her. It's too bad that Peach usually doesn't look all that appealing in her game appearances.


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Any particular reason you pick a particular artist, LGM?