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Again, they might just be faking it, just by putting grown-ups in disguise, even in partners in time (sorry if I'm taking it too far)

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So I managed to find what seems to be a bit of a glitch in the Wii version of Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games the other day. The Dream Snowboard Cross event takes place on Radical Highway, and in certain places on the track you can grind along the support cables for the bridge to get a speed boost and some extra Rings- it's an intended feature of the event, it's even mentioned in the instructions. Usually what happens is you get on at the top, then head down and back up before jumping off on the other side, but it turns out that if you get on at the top end where you usually get off, you'll actually just skid backwards down the rail, with no way to get off, and all the way back to where you'd get on where you're forced off the rail. It's quite a spectacular slip-up, I've never seen anything go quite that wrong in the series before.

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Don't mind me, just info-dumping Mario Kart 8 Deluxe team battle mode stuff on easy and Frantic items, since I poured 500+ hours making Wario, Waluigi, Donkey Kong, Mr. Krabs, Homer Simpson, Peter Griffin, and Eddy's life miserable.

  • One of the biggest things I'd like to note is that CPUs have a pretty horrible bug that I'm surprised the developers overlooked, since it's very easy to encounter it. CPUs, if using a Piranha Plant and get a second item while using it, if the Piranha Plant does not hit anyone, the CPUs stay "locked" holding their secondary weapon. This makes them especially vulnerable to any of your attacks, they do not use their items at all, and will start using items again ONLY if they either get their items stolen or lose all of their balloons. This is especially apparent in Coin Runners where CPUs cannot respawn, making them stuck with their item for the rest of the match until they get their item stolen or if they have triple shells or bananas.
  • In team battles, CPUs have a distinct pattern of approaching item boxes, and if you stalk a CPU, you can easily item box camp them. Some stages and how CPUs spawn are easier to camp and beat them up, so my sister and I coined it the "hard" or "easy" way CPUs drive. "Harder" spawn zones means CPUs spawn next to an item box (like in Urchin Underpass or in Sweet Sweet Kingdom in the upper zone. CPU patterns are extremely exploitable to the point in the Mario Kart Stadium battle stage where you can stick in the center route of the stage the entire time getting one CPU.
Frantic Item Balloon Battle Tier List

S Tier
With three uses, a fast velocity speed, common availability for any position whether you're winning or losing, no risk of backfiring yourself, and ability to pierce through triple shells and Piranha Plants, this is the best item you can get in battle mode, period. The only downside that it does not offer the defensive shields triple items do but it still can block incoming item attacks.

A Tier
Triple Green Shells
A solid item to receive overall, thanks to its three use, common availability for most positions and provides a shield you can additionally ram opponents with, this is a handy item that's great to have when you first start out the mode. It also depletes three balloons like nothing, causing the CPU to respawn (we call it "teleporting"). Triple shells, however, are no match for Piranha Plants and are unreliable against triple shields.

Fire Flower
Another great common item to receive, this depletes triple items AND balloons. However, you get no defense from this item and it has less range than Green Shells. It's very easy to backfire with this item, especially in closed corridors such as Luigi's Mansion or the basketball court in Wuhu Island.

The reason it ranks high on the list is because survival is important, and losing half of your points any time you need to respawn is a gigantic hit. Increasing your longevity is highly important, and this is the item you rely on when you need some balloons. You can even steal drivers that have Piranha Plants deployed as the plants react too slow to catch you if you angle your boosts just right. However, speeding into people can be hard to use and you're vulnerable to all sorts of items, which can easily waste your boost. Oh, you know, if you time your Mushroom boost JUST right, you can KO people who have just used a Star and you even steal a balloon from them, even though you do the getting hurt animation! I have videos to prove that! The item is incompatible with Boos, even though that's the item Boos will give you 99% of the time you use it.

B Tier
Out of all items that you get when you need catching up (and you rarely get it if you're in first within the last 30 seconds of the match too!) this is the best one, since it grants you invincibility and extra balloons should you hit someone with it. In a game mode where losing your balloons carries serious consequences, this is a good item to have when you need to regain lost balloons when you respawn in the map. However, it's not that fast and it can be hard to control in tough quarters and in order to get it, you must be losing to begin with. Also, the item is incompatible with triple items and overrides the Boo's invisibility.

Triple Mushroom
This item is functionally better than the single Mushroom, but the reason it ranks lower is that you need to be losing to have a good chance of getting it in the first place. However, it IS a rare item spawn rate if you're in first, and you'll be happy to receive them if you get them.

Triple Red Shells
This item is functionally better than Triple Green Shells but you have to be losing by quite a bit to even get a chance of receiving them. They're still great items though, and homing items are great to have when you're falling behind. This item can reliably hit drivers with Piranha Plants, since it aims directly behind them rather than their flank. By the way, this ignores teammates, but teammates can still get blasted by them so be careful flinging them around haphazardly.

Super Horn
You need to be losing by quite a bit to have access to this item. It's pretty middling for a comeback item, though its AOE effect that pierces triple shields and Piranha Plants is pretty nice. Also has a satisfying sound effect that blots out character voices (and if you mod, you can hear Homer Simpson screaming afterward which is hilarious).

C Tier
Triple Bananas
The worst triple item, considering it's bananas, and its shield isn't as good as the triple shells. Still, the defensive barrier is nice to have and you CAN use the bananas as a projectile to slam CPU's butts immediately if you're right behind them (doing that can even pierce through a triple shell shield!). Bananas can be good passive points but as an offensive item, this is simply outclassed by fireballs (especially if you want to spin the CPUs out rather than flipping them over) and other triple items.

Single Green Shell
Basically your average projectile and as standard as it gets. It's still fairly common and mediocre but it's still pretty reliable to have. Can be helpful as a shield behind you.

Single Red Shell
Same as green shell, except it homes. It's not common in first place at all, which is why it ranks lower than the single green shell.

Piranha Plant
This item's not very good and one of the worse comeback items you can get. While it can pierce through shields and serves as a front shield for you, you're completely helpless against boomerangs, Bob-ombs, and red shells and you're exposed in the back. Not to mention, you're at the mercy of it until it either expires or if it hits someone, and if it hits someone, the item gets used up quicker, though you could hit multiple people with a plant. By the way, while the Piranha Plant ignores team players (being one of the few team items that actually does recognize you are indeed in a team), if you accidentally hit a teammate with a Piranha Plant, it still gets used up quicker.

D Tier
Just a single version of the triple bananas. It's more of a passive point getter used to trip people up and think twice about driving near item boxes. Or you can throw one up a CPU's ass, which is always funny to do. Other than that, it's not very reliable of an item.

An extremely unreliable item due to the Bob-omb's slow and pathetic AI and small throwing range, which is a huge downgrade compared to how Mario Kart 7 handled Bob-ombs. Its ability to destroy triple items and blow up Piranha Plant users can be nice but too often times, it's an extremely frustrating item to use that is also prone to easy back-firing and destroying one of your previous balloons. On the funny side, you can shove Bob-ombs up another driver's face for an instant explosion if you want to be funny and suicidal. Also, if you drag it out behind you and if you get hit from behind, you blow up. The most reliable way to get points from bombs is to either directly hit your opponents with a bomb, throw it as they're driving straight ahead of you, or drop it behind you, almost all which have their niches covered by better items such as shells and boomerangs. Oh, and it ignores team players which is...yay?

Oh by the way, when you lose all of your balloons, the items you automatically drop when you're dead DO NOT count towards your score, even if the game says you hit someone. So think twice about dragging that Bob-omb and dropping it when someone kills you.

This item sucks. The range is pitiful, the only way you can hit people is by flanking them or hitting them head-on, both extremely situational. You have no invincibility frames to speak of, meaning the feather can easily get wasted if you get hit by a shell, and it's completely useless against Piranha Plants. It does steal balloons, which is nice, but it's mostly outclassed by the Mushroom. The only niche it has over the Mushroom is hitting people with triple items (though you can easily flub it and waste the feather by getting hit by their triple items instead, and that's easier to do than you think thanks to the feather's minuscule range) or flying over the one stage that can take advantage of it (which is Battle Course 1), which is also extremely situational and too unreliable to take advantage of its niche.

In my opinion, my personal worst item not named the Blooper in Frantic battle mode. It's outclassed by the Star, plain and simple, though in extremely rare occasions, you can get it in first place, just like the Star. It's near useless because how I play it, in teams, I'm usually doing far too good to have it actually steal anything from other opponents (this is a baffling design decision for me personally, I hate how if you're doing well, you cannot steal items from people which isn't like it in prior Mario Karts), so all it gives me is a Mushroom, which is a completely useless item to have while you are invisible since you cannot steal nor touch anyone while in that form. Your teammates can't even see you, which I also think it's baffling decision and you can accidentally hit your teammates because of it (or have invisible teammates accidentally hit you since you cannot see them). It's almost if you're first, since the crown gives away the location. At the very least, teammates cannot steal items from each other, which is one of the only five items in the game that recognize team play (the other is the Piranha Plant, Red Shells, Bob-omb, and Blooper). Even if you're behind, the Boo can even just give you Triple Mushrooms (you can have the combo of Triple Mushrooms + Mushroom while invisible which is pure agony). The only good thing it has is invulnerability but then again, you're really better off with a Star if you want a strong item while you're falling behind; you even get a free balloon steal with the star that in order to use the Mushroom with, you have to wait until you stop being invisible.

F Tier
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If you folks could choose something(animal, famous story, etc) to base a new common enemy for the next big Mario platformer, what would you choose and what you call them?

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I came across another fun find in a Mario & Sonic today, the series frequently references older games, but I was pretty surprised when a reference to Super Princess Peach came up. In the 2012 Wii game, one of the London Party minigames is the Heroine Quiz, and within that one of the questions you can get asks about whether Peach has ever saved Mario and Toad. When Omochao gives the answer, he explains that she did it with the help of a "magic parasol" (Perry). The game doesn't seem to get referenced very often so it's nice to see a little thing like that come up.

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If Mario characters had screennames, what do you guys think they'll choose?

Luigi = Vortex Lightning
Waluigi = Liar Killer
Bowser = FireBreather99
Mario = Red Fire

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I don't really remember having trouble with that particular golden bananas. The one that got me to stop playing DK64 was a timed enemy gauntlet with Diddy Kong in the Crystal Caves, where I kept running out of Crystal Coconuts.

But jesus christ, that slowdown bug that's introduced from the binocular overlay sucks a lot.

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I love how the Kremlings are buff crocs but go down with one hit and then go "eep"
Kritters as referees in Mario Strikers Charged are no joke at all

They can roundhouse kick you halfway across a field if you try to charge the ball next to them.


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I love that every year, people discover more stupid stuff about Donkey Kong 64
Funny, you would think that the Beaver Bother minigame is the worst thing about DK64; three different Golden Bananas require you to complete it, and the mechanics just don't function properly.


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Baby characters need to be playable in Mario Party already.
I've said it before, and I'll say it again.
Baby Mario Party, wherein all the playable characters, and Bowser, are babies, and the host is Toadsworth the Younger.


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Besides being easy to make him with DK's model, I assume Funky Kong's inclusion in MKWii was because he was one of the few Canon Mario characters to already work well with vehicles outside of the MK games, so in the universe where Wario characters are actually allowed in Mario games, we got Dribble and Spitz instead