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He's just another Mario with a blander design and name, like what Wart is to Bowser. Wario severely outclasses him as Mario's sort of cousin too.

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I wonder how the fanbase will react if Stanley is retconned as Mario in his teen years.

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Didn't stop Baby Rosalina from having blond hair.


(she/her) actual spore creature
the thing is the storybook has it a more reddish color (i think thats her mom on the right)

and then baby rosalina just shows up and goes i dont care for any of the estabilished lore


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A friend of mine just pointed out to me that the mandates re: distinct toad designs that affect Paper Pario also put nintendo's weird flip-flopping wheter captain toad is a distinct character or toad in a persona in a new light. is an interesting thought I hadn't considered.

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Personally, I'll always view Captain Toad as Toad in a getup, considering that Toadette adventures with him, that's what the Toad spirit "evolves" into in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, and it's an alt of his in Mario Kart Tour.

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Imagine if one baby toad is lost in the street, and so his mother goes to look for him, but there's another baby toad on the street that the mother finds, and so she took the wrong one. Toad town must be chaos

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Well, some humans actually don't recognize another human's face, called prosopagnosia, so I'd imagine Toads have their own facial recognition feature that humans don't, hence why they can distinguish each other but we can't.


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So, as someone is pretty apathetic to Waluigi besides the Brawl In The Family version, why exactly is he so hyped up?
And keep in mind, I want actual stuff from official Mario material, none from memes or headcanon, what separates him from the other Dick Dastardly like villains that brings in a huge fan fare?

Not saying you can't like him, that would be a jerk move, I just want a fan's perspective

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This is Baby Peach's table. It's small and annoying, just like Baby Peach!

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"It's small and makes annoying noises when you put food on it, just like Baby Peach!"

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Baby characters need to be playable in Mario Party already.