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I have had a Switch since when it came out!


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Two more NES and four more SNES games were announced for Switch Online. The NES games are Crystalis and Journey to Silius. The SNES games are Star Fox 2, Super Punch-Out, Kirby Super Star, and Breath of Fire II.


Japan is getting Famicom Wars and Route-16 as well.


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Two more NES and two more SNES games to be added on February 19th.

I...haven't heard of any of these before.
I only heard of TwinBee, and it looks to be a more colourful version of the NES one (a vertical shoot-em-up), with extra controls that include killing enemies on the ground. Not a bad list, but I would've preferred a puzzle game like Panel de Pon (because Tetris Attack is not representative to that game's merits).

What does the poll at the top mean?
At launch, there was a game called "1-2-Switch", which was created to showcase the capabilities of the Joy-Cons. Basically it's a collection of minigames and not much, but it's priced pretty high ($50). Combining the dubiousness of a game with not much and a high price, it's kind of mocked for it back then, as this poll is basically doing. With the Switch getting more games, 1-2-Switch was yesterday's news so it's easier to ignore.

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The control stick clickers (that's fun to say) stopped clicking on some of my Joy-Con so now I can remap those functions to other buttons.

Also I can now finally play Kirby 3 and Super Star with A-to-jump controls. Just the way I like it.

Paper Luigi

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you can assign other inputs to Sl and SR on both Joycons, making them actually useful
My sr button on two of my joycons doesn't work, so I'll definitely remap those buttons, specifically for games like Super Mario Party that are only played with one joycon.

However I don't have my switch at the moment so I'll do so when I do.