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Mister Wu

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I'm still wondering why they kep the name Switch, at least in the case of the 2DS they changed the name to reflect 3D was gone, whereas wtih the Lite you can Switch to... what?
In any case, I think this shows how Nintendo was first and foremost aiming at creating a portable Wii U with the Switch, which is admittedly a big leap forward for handheld console gaming, as you can have Wii U quality games on the go.
I feel like they ported so many games to the switch but I'm still upset that Xenoblade X is still locked in the purgatory that is the Wii U library.

I always forget the Wii U exists until there's a game I want to play on it, and then I no longer want to play it because it's on the Wii U.


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Nintendo has confirmed that the addition of new NES and SNES games will no longer follow a regular schedule.

I'm really not sure what to think about this. On the one hand, the 2-3 games a month thing was mindnumbingly slow for NES Online and I was disappointed when Kirby's Adventure wasn't released until five months after launch (when it arguably should have been a launch title).

On the other hand, this could mean that the gap between game releases could be even longer, and the games possibly even fewer. I'm really hoping Kirby Super Star will be one of the first games they add post-launch to SNES, but at least there's a couple Kirby games there already this time.

Sir Slush

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Also, update 9.0.0 dropped. It apparently added friend invites (which I won't benefit because I don't have the online yet), Stylus support and other stuff.

Yoshi The Nothing

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The Nintendo Switch is the best game console ever.

A lot of games has been released for the Switch, The released games are amazing!
The Nintendo Switch is so worth it for $200, I got these in the box:

- Nintendo Switch Console
- 2 Joy-Cons
- Joy -Con Grip
- Nintendo Switch Dock
- HDMI Cable
- Power Brick
- Joy-Con Strap

There's a Portable Mode and TV Mode!