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Buying the Switch full price just for a fix joy con drift fix is beyond confusing and dumb.
Imagine having to buy a Xbox 360 full price just to get a Red Ring Of Death fix.
The issue isn't being fixed here, nor is that how it is advertised.

Either way, this seems to be a Switch that's way too expensive with a slightly better screen. Doesn't actually fix the console actual problems.
Buying the Switch full price just for a fix joy con drift fix is beyond confusing and dumb.


The point being made here is that Nintendo can make a slightly better Switch yet don't take the time to fix their drift plaguing the consoles (thus having backwards priorities), not that we should buy a new console to fix a controller?
Wow guys I can't believe all those unsubstantiated rumors about how Nintendo was totally going to make a Switch Pro with a 1080p screen that could run at 4K with more powerful hardware than the original Switch with exclusive games that would only run on the Pro turned out to be false.

I'm meh on the OLED Switch TBH. I never bought into the Switch Pro rumors other than 'wow it'd be cool if that did happen but I won't be surprised if it doesn't' and I'd rather have Nintendo up front say 'This new version has an OLED screen' as opposed to the New 3DS screen shit where it was a complete gamble on whether or not you got a TN or IPS panel. Also took them long enough to include a built-in ethernet port instead of requiring people to buy a dongle. Maybe I'll still get it cuz I don't have a regular Switch yet, but I also prefer to play handheld, so maybe hope for a Switch Lite OLED version and Knuckles featuring Dante from the Devil May Cry series or something?
I thought we'd finally stop hearing "Switch Pro" rumors now that the OLED Model has been announced, but I've ALREADY seen some leakers say that the "true" Switch Pro with 4k and DLSS is coming in 2022. This same exact thing happened in 2019. Leakers said a "Switch Pro" was coming, Nintendo revealed a new Switch that had better battery life and basically nothing else, then all the leakers were like "wait wait no that's not the real Switch Pro, trust me guys".
The thing that gets me about the persistent Switch Pro rumors is how 'mid-gen hardware upgrade' isn't even a thing Nintendo really does?

Out of all their systems, the only times they've done that was the Nintendo DSi and New Nintendo 3DS (and maybe the Game Boy Color, considering how similar it was to the original Game Boy in terms of specs + I feel like Nintendo combines GB and GBC sales together for a reason, so I think they at least count those as one platform).

So that's two (or three) systems out of, what, twelve major consoles and handhelds?
Three of those are for just handhelds too, rather than home console and the Switch *could* be classified as a handheld.

Does GameBoy Advance SP even count?
So like even with the drift problems and the OLED model coming out soon, would it be worth it for me to pick up either a Switch or Switch Lite? As the above poster said, chances are the OLED version would be scalped to all Hell and impossible to get when it comes out anyways and my local Target and Walmart both seem to always have several Switches and Switch Lites in stock, so I'm thinking of picking one or the other up?
lite doesnt seem to be a good option because if it drifts you have literally no way of replacing its joycons. and if its anything like normal joycons it WILL drift
i think a normal switch could be fine enough... probably get a procon right away as it doesnt drift as often and as bad, apparently. oled doesnt seem to offer that many improvements, but you can pick that if what it has would be really important to you
Yeah thinking about it a bit, I am leaning more towards getting a regular Switch. Cuz like I know I like handheld gaming but I also know there're games I'd wanna get on the Switch that I'd prefer to play on my huge TV instead and I wouldn't wanna miss out on that with the Lite.

Also yeah the drift stuff too, if I had a Lite and got drift, I'd either be fucked or I'd have to send the entire damn system into Nintendo for them to replace and have to wait a few days before I get it back to actually use the damn thing. And I already got an SN30 Pro+ controller, so I could just use that instead of the JoyCons anyway (at least when playing on TV).
Looks like the latest update finally added bluetooth

while its nothing special for me, i know a lot of people really wanted that
I've been filling up my Nintendo Switch album like crazy. Each time I hit 9k pictures (the limit being 10k), I take out my micro SD card and dump the pictures onto my computer and organize the pictures into folders so I can look back on my journey from beginner to legendary hero in all of them in my later years. This includes the NES, SNES, N64 and Genesis, which have sub-folders.
Ok so upon further inspection these folders suck ass. You can't have them on your home screen next to your games, you have to go to the "all software" menu, and then press L to see your folders. This is stupid because the whole reason why I wanted folders was so I didn't have to dig into my "all software" menu to pull something out. If I want to revisit a game I haven't touched in years, it would be nice to have a "finished games" folder right there as soon as I start the console.

I'm used to Nintendo being behind the competition when it comes to stuff like this, but the Wii U and 3DS both had folders that were perfect. So I don't get why they can't do the same thing here?
nintendo said they wanted the home menu to be simplistic so the games could load faster
Hey, didn't Nintendo say they were going to make an update back in 2017 to let you record video clips longer than 30 seconds?
Hey, didn't Nintendo say they were going to make an update back in 2017 to let you record video clips longer than 30 seconds?
They did I think

Maybe it didn't work well in testing because you have to hold the capture button down a lot
Well anyway, at least I can still save my 30 second highlights of all my online wins in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.