Look at it! Look at it! LOOK AT IT!


Always remembering Walkazo
Peach... Daisy... what are you doing, ladies? My legs hurt just looking at this position.



Always remembering Walkazo
How do they even bend that way

Hero Chaos Chao

Kind and Pure

Note: even though this flash game was downloadable from the official Mario Power Tennis website and has the the game's logo in the bottom right corner, the flash game itself has nothing to do with the actual game, or even tennis in general. In fact, it features Paper Mario trying to win at that carnival game where you smack down a hammer with as much strength as you can.

Empress of the Dark Winds

Everybody wants to rule the world
They had to know what they were doing by putting Wario, a character that got a second starring role in a series for being known for doing stupid things in a safety video
I'd imagine with this info, the one who teaches the ones who serve in Nintendo's cafeteria is Dedede