What are you listening to right now? (PLEASE put videos behind spoiler tags)

That's not the original song but it is Edge of Destiny, which is only one of the best GD levels in recent times.

It's not even been 3 days since I beat GTA V and I already wanna go back in time and replay it for the first time all over again. Such a great game.
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This song is so catchy, oh my god.
Birds chirpin', leaves rustlin', tractor trailers gunnin', and keys clickin'. It's a beautiful day on the edge of the world.
DJ Myosuke - Ultra Wide

nice to see Myosuke to incorporate some of the elements from his Harshcore tracks into his usual works, especially those overblown compressed drums. love a good DUN DUN DUN

They really need to put this version back on Spotify.


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Escalator of Life - Robert Hazard and the Heroes

What is this song about? Hell if I know, but at least it's a good listen.
Saw people on Twitter whining about modern mainstream music so here are music I discovered and ended up liking by browsing the worldwide top 100 charts

get ready for some sick fog horn and bass, good stuff starts at 0:30. gets pretty boring halfway through though