What are you listening to right now? (PLEASE put videos behind spoiler tags)

Idk why, but yes I'm listening to it
Valentine's Day may not be a day that I like very much, but it is still a good day to listen to Mogyutto "Love" de Sekkinchu by µ's.
Love that early 2000s boombox vibe accompanied by some emotional chords, sounds good

i forget this song exists and then get hyperfixated on it for weeks LMAO this is one of the few songs that get enhanced through nightcore tbh, the original sounds slow and lame now :P

speaking of songs enhanced by nightcore

(I do not know how to put spoiler tags correctly)
Mario World OST Restored, Overworld (Yoshi)
EDIT: I put the spoiler tag in correctly!
Funny stuff here. Looked it up because of Party Crashers' Intermission music
Starman, Mario Strikers Charged Extended
For those of you wondering why I only put Mario music and all that it's because I only listen to videogame music, and the occasional Lofi mix and Your New Home (TADC, been into it lately)
Mitaiken Horizon, might be my favorite Aqours single. Happy Birthday to Hanamaru zura.
Wow Kieth's newest single (came out March 1st) is actually really good!! Awesome how he's always releasing new stuff
Tonight Tonight - Hot Chelle Rae

Why do people think this song is so bad? It's generic and kinda corny, sure, but musically, it's really good.

one of my favorites despite the nerdy dudebro premise of peach not being worth it for mario because mario isn't portrayed as a complete loser. it's praising mario and saying he deserves better which is really refreshing for the time period. i also find the mario chiptune insertions like really good?? does not feel cheap at all compared to other mario fan songs.

there's a bowling for soup remix? cover? that is objectively worse and got popular on tiktok so now everyone thinks they made it skull emoji.

I was listening to WarioWare music, but then I got sidetracked and listened to Rhythm Heaven music instead. It's surprisingly catchy.