What are you listening to right now? (PLEASE put videos behind spoiler tags)

I'm really digging the songs from Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas

It's Japanese electronicore, fast-paced, a lot of heavy guitar and screaming vocals, very electronic noises too, as well as electronic cleaner vocals. Could totally work as fighting game music or racing music. Or DDR? Anyway looked for a band of a similar style to Blood Stain Child (one example of their song).
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I'm in an electronic music mood

The Algorithm (French artist), combines rock/metal elements with electronic noises Also has elements of dubstep I believe. Don't like lyrics for some reason? This is instrumental. This one goes for a heavier, moody, atmospheric feel but its other music is generally more intense and faster-paced. However it does really good build up. One of my highlights for the uh "band", there's only a composer for this, not really a "band".

Another take on the song. Goes for a more harder bass, more intense guitar.

I also like this one, similar sort of atmospheric feel but noisier than userspace. However the end of it really speeds up and sounds like it's getting corrupted and turns into static noise.

Anyway it's worth checking out this music if you like the electronic sound and the heavy guitar sound, if you like the soundtrack of a lot of these sci-fi games in general. I found this out by looking for music that combines the "video game sound effects" with metal and this certainly didn't disappoint.

And I notice they have a new album back in May. Gotta go check it ouuuut.

I forget if I've posted this before but whatever.
Walking on Sunshine - Katrina and the Waves

I'm really depressed so I need some happy energy in my life.
Young Scrolls just dropped a new song! I frickin love the robotic sound of the voices. (Content warning- two swear words in song. Used in non sexual context.)


Really like Outasight's music, first discovered them through "Higher" from Forza Horizon 4's Block Party channel and they have music that matches my vibe.
We Don't Talk Anymore - Cliff Richard

This song came up in conversations two days in a row and it's one of my favorite songs of all time so I figured it was an omen.
One Little Slip- Barenaked Ladies. (love that song)
The whole midnights taylor swift album

Really good cover fixes a ton of the issues I had with the original Rin version. Makes me wanna cheer on my favorite green guy for some reason.


Song gives me a real Luigi vibe in a weird roundabout way especially with lyrics like

'Cuz feelings are temporary
But broken hearts keep the scars for life
Be the last one to laugh
When you run out of breath catching up
I'm a threat and a half, baby
You don't even know me at all

While the literal song meaning is someone in revenge over a breakup I interpret as the underdog having enough and taking matters into their own hands. By becoming a drag queen. Yeah :^)

Another song for Luigi, though darker in tone.

Any queer performer is bound to get hatred against them, but when you're one of the Kingdom's heroes and biggest celebrities you might as well sign your death wish. He isn't fazed, however, the hate from his ex-lover and fake fans only fuel his creative desires.

Feed me your negativity
Talk some more about me
I know that you love me, love me

It's funny how you think I'm bothered
Know I'm nothing like the others
You shouldn't have messed with me
'Cause I heard
That you're afraid of monsters

The supposed "monster" in this scenario is two things. One being Luigi's too-strong-for-his-own-good determination and the other with his enjoyment of toying with his baseless critics. If ya keep saying he's this, that, or another demeaning term he'll gladly oblige.

I'm just being me
Cut out the things that I don't need
And I don't care if you disagree

I don't need no sympathy
Winning the game on my own

Song mentions a backstabber, surprise surprise it's Daisy. Not gonna get into it since it's detailed well enough in the song itself and I'm not gonna play by play every lyric haha.