I have a new/avatar/sig/whatever.


Let's do our best today!
Changed my theme to my all time favorite character in honor of her home series aniverssy.
The reason why she's my favorite is pretty sad though, I can't help but relate to a idiot who does bad things to please a higher power that couldn't give a damn about her, she did give me my pretty name though.
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Koops, King of Cowards.
I am now best FE Pegasus Knight.


ØöPs I just realized the name might be misleading due to Xenoblade existing.

Oh well

Yoshi the SSM

I'm Yoshi the Space Station Manager from the wiki.
The new avatar is based on Lakituthequick's card of me. I just removed the construction hat and replaced it with a Santa hat and made my shoes green, just like the last Christmas picture I did. But this time I decided to add stars, making the scenery night time. As for the bottom part, that is snow. The tiny gray stuff in the snow, they are tiny bumps in the snow or the snow shiny. Both are what I was going for.


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"Santa Claus?"

"Not exactly."

I am Santa Claws
I'm a rebel with a cause
I'll punish you and give you a fright
Have a horrible Christmas night

Your Christmas punishment? My sig is a dabbing Santa Claws gif!

Bowser II

Just like the first one, except better.
Jumping on the Christmas theme bandwagon! Maybe now I'll finally get some Christmas spirit...

Smiley The Hun

I accidentally whored shoulders
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new sig

GOD I LOVE THE DISASTROUS LIFE OF SAIKI KUSUO lowkey mad that netflix ruined the dub, but oh well atleast they have sub


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The Rick in my avatar is depicted as such in Kirby 3 if you got 100% and see the credits again. Basically each character are more realistically drawn compared to the regular variant, and the one with Ricky's hands and feet resemble a real hamster's is my favourite. The image is probably filtered, so it's from either an emulated version of the game or a fan touching up the image.

Thank you for reading.


Koops, King of Cowards.
Well I am an assassination classroom character again. Last time I did Karasuma but this time I just went with one of the actual students who are part of this eponymous classroom.

After actually finishing the anime this time, I'm pretty sure I got a pretty nicely formulated opinion on its characters. I like Rinka, she's cute.