I have a new/avatar/sig/whatever.


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Was originally going to be Kamek this month, but the name was taken so I couldn't. Good thing though, because to celebrate Super Kirby Clash I'm keeping Healmore around for another month!

EDIT: Changed my avatar to Healmore's new artwork, and my sig to a screen of the SKC trailer depicting each of the roles.
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I changed my theme back to my original username.

That avatar is just a drawing of myself I did for the animation course I attended this summer. But like... I have way more beard than that now, since then.


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To commemorate the release of Luigi's Mansion 3 this month, I am now Professor E. Gadd! I have changed my name, avatar, and sig to fit the theme.

Paper Moldomré

(Mole-dome-ray). Emphasis on "dome" despite the é.
As part of the so-called Spooktober, I am now a sad ghost. Partly because Luigi is slamming me into the ground with a vacuum which I honestly don't understand but I'm not gonna question video game physics.
Also next month I'm going back to good ol' Moldomré, as hinted by the sig. And, I think I'll do the Merry Moldo theme I abandoned last year for Christmas (dang, has it been that long already?).


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I went back to my original username, and so I have a new avatar and sig. My avatar is Peach's icon from Mario Party: Star Rush (and Mario Party: The Top 100).

The image in my sig is something that I found on Miiverse a few years ago. I really like this image because I'm a big fan of the female characters from both the Mario and Sonic series. I also made sure to credit the person who made this image (it was made by Michaeloll).


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I've finally completed the picture I've made, so without further hesitation, I used it as my avatar. I had to crop it because the whole image looked too small so here's the full image. It's called "Mario the Plumber".

(Perhaps I should start my art thread to put in more of my art)

Thank you for reading.