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Lameduke looks like one of those super crabby Wolfenstein 3D clones like Operation Bodycount and Depth Dwellers. It's amazing what a little attitude can do.
it's buggy as hell

the only song that plays in the game is from rise of the triad

instead of the mighty foot there's a plasma baton

the pistol has a laser sight that's pretty much useless in a resolution that low

there's no crosshair

the plasma cannon clearly became the chaingun cannon/ripper

the rocket launcher looks completely different

the pipebombs are *bleep*

none of the final enemies are there

except the octabrain

which looks very different from the final

duke looks different too

he has kneepads

also the slimers are there

they can only be killed by the plasma cannon


this was the old octabrain

this was the final
is this the worst-written video game review of all time

The game runs at 1080p at 60 frames per second, and it is atrocious, to say the least.

Of course, not every game is going to have The Last of Us levels of emotional journey’s and a solid story does not make or break a game. However, the cutscenes are still enjoyable to watch. However, they are interesting because of the low-budget production value they offer.

Then came Devil May Cry 3: Dante’s Awakening was released in 2005 and everything that made the first game great such as the level design. As well as further exploration of making combat feel more varied than its predecessors
new Etrian Odyssey game announced; Etrian Odyssey Cross
has 19 classes, 18 from previous games and the new Hero one. It also has force break which makes me rock hard. and subclassing which makes me rock hard.

It's using the EOV hud and stat system, also it looks like some npc's from the older games are showing up. I noticed the airship chick from 4 and the shopkeeper from 1, also Edie from 3 will be shilling the dlc portraits. also there's a fourth difficulty (Heroic) that will presumably be brutal.

War Magus





342 possible class combinations, good lord. they'd best increase the character cap, 30 won't be enough okay there's 60, that seems good. I'm really happy with a lot of these choices honestly, the only class I'll really miss out on is the Arbalist, they're great. I don't care for Farmer but they're pretty popular so it's fine.

blade strangers

yo why haven't i heard of this until just now
Etrian Odyssey Cross is coming in English in February wooo.

It'll be called Etrian Odyssey Nexus, it might not doesn't have a dub but that's totally okay.

God I'm so happy that it's actually going to happen. Only a 6 month wait for PAL too which is awesome. I better finish the others before this comes out.
Sonic :waluigi:
well, they're on their way out. wonder how long eshop will last before the retro games available become almost unpurchasable.

now please give us freeshop back
Doomguy should plant flowers and catch bugs.
I have DOOM 1 & 2 on switch, I also have the Plutonia Experiment and TNT: Evilution add-ons.

No other FPS defined the 90s better than DOOM did. Pumping bullets and shells into demons, finding secrets and finishing ever-hard levels was (and still is) extremely satisfying.
Every day at work, I would hum music from Banjo Kazooie. The only problem is…none of my fellow co workers know what the hell I'm humming.