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ok im gonna use this thread i guess i couldnt make a profile post and i dont wanna make a separate thread just for a rant lmao

hey besties wanna learn about how was completely unceremoniously and horribly killed off and how awful everything went for feralians!!! this is just a huge write up i was writing to post on discord but i think its going to be nice to be able to share just what exactly happened to this game i liked that i barely even talked about. its sad (im just gonna spell it feral from now on) was a game developed by wildworks, who are also the developers of animal jam. feral is kind of like animal jam but more mythical themed with interesting and cool lore. it relased in closed beta in december 2019 and early access in may 2020. it never finished development. there were issues before what im talking about here (being a free player was terrible for one i went through it i know) but im not gonna get into that. im mostly gonna get into the end and also the beginning of the end

at first in spring-summer 2021 we had bad updates (they added voice chat which is like not viable to moderate and they never reverted this, they also paywalled player decals and sizing until everyone was suuuper mad about it so they did revert THAT but not voice chat) and also soem things were broken and they just. never fixed them. despite everyone begging them to. this started in summer last year mostly, apparently they also had a lay off then and decided the game wasnst profitable

due to, what im assuming is desperation because wildworks are in monetary trouble rn, clark stacey (ceo of wildworks) decides to do a severe turnaround on crypto (which he criticised prior in september) and now he praises it like the second return of jesus. in late november they announce cinder, which, as ive mentioned, is a carbon copy of feral with LESS content and gameplay and also you have to buy a nft to enter
naturally everyone is absolutely and extremely pissed and fuming about this. and rioting. clark stacey also starts acting like a clown. there was a lot of clownery going on in there it was absurd........ to spare you the detalis for the next few months they push cinder hard and we have no idea whats gonna happen to feral but we kept experiencing more and more clownery from wildworks either way. they said feral could be sunset (which means theyd leave it running with no content updates). clark stacey also kept generalizing our community to a few particularly bad people in it, like yes people were rightfully mad about the whole nft thing (when they consist of a lot of people raised on animal jam which heavily pushed enviromental messages) but we also dont condone anyone who actually genuinely send death threats and stacey still generalized as a mob of violent angry children

cinder releases in early february, yep its feral with less content and ugly nfts. later in february (almost on my birthday for some reason) a wildworks guy showed up for an ama and also started acting like an absolute clown to an astonishing degree. they had an important announcement and we all kind of suspected and we were right that they were shutting down feral (instead of just sunsetting it) and it took them way too long to announce it. like bestie just rip the bandaid off dont clown around for a few hours
and they were just acting , Very Bad. Please see image for a thing they actually Said. Jesus christ

there was also this lmao

now get this, they said feral was going to shut down almost immediately after announcement, but people found out a thing in their tos that said they have to give a 30 day notice before shut down of one of their games. there was another ama for some reason and people brought it up and whoops the shutdown has been delayed until march. well. they also said they couldnt maintain the discord (which was being entirely maintained by its mods for the past few months) and killed it off anyway. it was not up for when feral returned. they hid almost every channel so i hope people managed to save their images from it like i did because now theyre only accessible through a discord server archive thing

so we were just sititng there for that time period and then they randomly drop upon us that iTS NOT EVEN GONNA BE BACK FOR 24 HOURS LIKE THEY PROMISED but only THREE! We found this out only a few days/weeks (i legit forgot but it was in march) before it was scheduled to come back for the final time! THEN it turns out, literally the day or two before its scheduled, that. chat is literally going to be turned off. we would not be able to chat during the final few hours of the game.
the come back and its final day happened on march 26th. naturally bc of the 3 hour timespan when it came back the servers kind of overloaded and people were struggling to get in but a lot of people did get in (not me though i didnt even bother) for the final time. it took them like 15 minutes after the 3 hour period to actually kill off the game with a fake update. we didnt even get a proper "feral has been shut down thanks for playing" (we only got that on the website) it just got a "the game has been updated! close and restart the game to play the new version!" (you can not play the new version) and thats it. this is really just. a microcosm of how completely awfully wildworks has been treating us. everything about ferals shutdown was handled awfully aside from the unused lore a writer had to share with us, that writer was just awesome in general i think , and the lore was fascinating!

wildworks. what a terrible company. i should note they also have a history of including Bad Racist (and etc) Stuff in their games and not doing anything about it when addressed. infamously udring clark staceys ama when cinder was announced his reply to a genuine concern regarding these issuess was just "That's a very good idea" :\ also the "stop talking be quiet to several days" kind of response to a member's genuine concern about people throwing slurs around in the cinder discord and owning racist nfts :||||||||
for the record, animal jam classic and animal jam play wild are still around. apparently the former was sunset some time ago? but its still running, people are still playing it and play wild. and for cinder, currently it is. existing. it still seems to be severely lacking in gameplay and few people are genuinely interested in it. i hope their nft venture completely fails. feral deserved so much better. it built up a fantastic community (one that im still part in) that wildworks abandoned and threw down the stairs for some weird gross cryptobros (nice rhyme)

theres some good stuff going on thanks to the efforts of the feral community at least! but clark stacey and the cryptobros at his company can go piss off!!!
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I noticed the eShop on my 2DS had a different than usual tune around late March and early April this year, but I don't like it at all. It feels like it wants to go for a more intense feel considering it's getting closer to the 3DS and Wii U eShops closing, but just sounds unnecessarily eerie and grating.