The Official Video Game Thread

and god was dead
Rocket Raccoon said:
This games levels design, and collectible collecting sound effect are both like Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams, which was also made by Black Forest Games.

Also, Bubsy's in-game model looks ugly.
So I've been studying the end card of the last xenoblade 2 trailer and i found out some things

1. They got Tetsuya Nomura (the guy who designs the characters in final fantasy usually) to design a character apparently.

2. The other character designer also draws hentai mangas sometimes.

perfect combination
All the Ys games on Steam are 70% off, also the first Trails in the Sky is 50% off. No time like the present.
Jumping on that, the Steam sale officially started yesterday I think, in case people didn't realize yet. Goes on until July 5th! RIP your wallets!

when it's been 19 years and you finally get off your ass and fix some of those bugs
you think they maybe fix some of the left 4 dead 2 bugs with, say, zoey...hopefully??????

Interview about FE Warriors, supposedly there was some quarrels about what games to include. They might make a sequel with more characters if it's successful, similar to how they excluded a fair few story arcs in the first One Piece Pirate Warriors game but it had two sequels to fill in the gaps.
For my birthday I bought myself a Sega Saturn and it came in today. I got the system today and it and the games I got for it work mightily fine and I'm very pleased with my purchase

-except the fugly Mad Catz controller that comes with it is a broken piece of shit. I love that no matter the era or console, Mad Catz sucking is an universal constant.
Aw shit, newest Atelier game is gonna be on the Switch as well as the PS4.

will probably still buy it for the ps4, trophies.
guys, SteamWorld Heist is on sale in the 3ds eshop for 5 dollars in the usa

friendly psa
i preordered dusk a few days ago

and it feels like a quake mod
to nobodies surprise nisa is incompetent

a 5 month delay and they fixed none of the pc version issues ys 8 had when it was supposed to release

in other news grass is green

what a shitshow
I have been watching the Nintendo Direct and I found out that there is a few remakes of old games like the Classic Luigi's Mansion I also saw some ports from other consoles for the Switch and a teaser for a Smash game for the Switch, I am unsure if it is a port of Smash 4 or a brand new Smash game, I'm excited either way. Too bad we didn't get any details for Fire Emblem Switch, we may need to wait until the E3 event a few months in the future.
Seems like a new smash game from the trailer (showing no gameplay; suggesting that the game will at least look new), this post, and the different logo (if it were a port, it wouldn't be hard to recycle the old one, yes?).
if you didn't see them in 1-up world here are the screenshots I took of lameduke


this prototype is nothing like the final duke nukem 3d