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PhilTastic: Hey, Ralph Vanellope! How's it going? I heard you had something important to tell me.
Ralph: That's right! We discovered that a bunch of Chao have vanished.
Vanellope: We think Turbo might be behind this... And he's on this island.
PhilTastic: Then let's go and find him! I wonder why he'd want Chao, though... Hey, look! It's Steve and Tina!
Phil: Well look who it is... Steve and Tina! You two on a date or something?
Steve Fox: Knock it off, Phil! By the way... Have you seen Turbo or Vass?
Ralph: What's it to you?
Steve Fox: Um... Well, the Golden Yoshi Egg seems to be missing again... and...
Phil: That figures... what else is new, Steve? We'll need to talk to Turbo first... so I'll see you later!
Steve Fox: WHAT!? Hey, come back here! Try to beat me to Turbo, will they?
this is on the wikiquote sonic the hedgehog page. the blue coast zone section to be exact. what the hell.


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