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Dr. Baby Luigi

Mushroom Kingdom's Most Adorable Doctor
there's evidence i'm here. the backpack just lying there.

oh and it looks like that i'm mooching off in marioboards again.


Whoashi! It's a double tax fraud exploshi!
By the way, this shirt and sweatshirt are from Justice, if you were wondering.

Paper Mario

I guess I'll show off a new shirt I had printed with my own artwork on it (you might remember this design from my art thread)

I'm wearing a hat because tbh I need another haircut soon.


Mushroom Attendant
I had the honour of meeting the Eighth Doctor himself, Paul McGann at a convention earlier this Autumn

He was literally the kindest man I've ever met, I was so nervous because he was the most famous person I've ever met but he was just lovely



Always remembering Walkazo
Ah, my old Toshiba. It served me well after my Compaq wore out. But last year this one wore out, too. Now it's time to restore it to factory settings and take it to be recycled.



thriving on soul since 2017
I don't remember the last time I actually posted a picture here so here


Dr. Mario

Mushroom Kingdom's OG Woo Meister
fantanoice said:
You look really mature Lefty :)
Ha, maybe having a boy friend made me a little more self conscious about physical appearance and dressing nicely

Isabelle said:
*scouts image for possible Mario plushies with no success*


Lookin' great, LGM! As always.
The plushies are pretty terrified of the kitchen.

Dr. Mario

Mushroom Kingdom's OG Woo Meister
Fawfulthegreat64 said:
"Men can't have colorful hair"

have you recruited Yoob to the army or was that paint job a compromise from Luigi and Waluigi's recommendations?