The official "Hi, I'm new here!" thread


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So, i guess im new here? i dont remember if i used to have an account here, so ill just go with being new.
I'm nuclearminer, and im trying to get back into forums.
i play a lot more than just mario games, but i have a soft spot for the first series i played.
Sunshine is a bad game that i love for the few things it does get right

and nostalgia too

anyway you might see me here, you might not, idk


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Welcome to the forums!

Thank you for reading.


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Welcome! Hope you enjoy your time here!

Have you seen the latest Nintendo Direct yet? There's no Mario content in it, but there was quite a bit of other cool Nintendo stuff. Like SNES Online. And Super Kirby Clash.

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Paperize me, Captain!

Nice to meet you all. I'm Biddy. Mario has been a special interest in my life since early childhood, I'm always looking forward to the new chapters of the bros adventures. C:

BBuut here's the catch. Life happens, I had to take a break from marioing for like an entire decade! Now that my lifes settled, I can finally pick up where I left off!

I made a challenge for myself. I'm attempting 100% playthroughs of the entire 3DS library of franchises that I follow, starting with all the Mario 3DS games, in order of their US release dates. I'm not a lets player nor have a twitch, though that would be cool if I did, but I'm mostly doing this for myself. I will take screenshots occasionally of my progress. Catching up to the Switch generation, I just... I just couldn't skip the 3DS- that would of been heartbreaking.

Anyway, hi again, I hope to get to know y'all and make some friends while I'm here.

ps im hoping my entrance hasnt come off too strong of an ego or anything (yay insecurities!), Y'all seem really awesome so far, I'm hoping I'll fit in, but we'll see where I land, what happens happens.
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Hello , I'm new here . My name is Guglielmo from Turin (Italy) and I have been a lifelong fan of Nintendo particularly the Mario,Zelda,Metroid series.
I grew up playing and adoring the NES and SNES,I really have good memories of these consoles.

My fav Zelda games are:Ocarina Of Time,Majora's Mask and Oracle of Ages/Seasons.

Happy to be here!