The official "Hi, I'm new here!" thread

Professor E. Gadd

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Hey, welcome Lachie! I haven't played Mario Galaxy 1 (yet), but I have played the sequel and that game remains my top favorite game of all time.

I hope you enjoy it here!

Leo Aiolia

Hello and Blessed be i'm Leo Aiolia my favorite Mario games are

1 Mario and Luigi dream team
2 Luigi's Mansion
3 Mario 3d land
4 Mario Sports mix
5 Mario and Luigi superstar saga
6 Mario karts 7, WII,Double dash

I thought it'd be cool to join a Mario based Forum


Howdy, I'm new! My first Mario game was Mario Bros on the Atari 2600. I've been hooked ever since. Luigi is my favorite :luigi:
Hi, Youtuber: MaxStormPower, here. You've probably never heard of me, but I am a Roblox Youtuber who loves wolves, and, uh, Foxes and Yoshies from Heck itself! I joined so I can see the funny stuff and see what my brother, Creature from the depths of Heck itself, has been laughing his head off at. :dk: :bowser: :yoshi: :posh: