The official "Hi, I'm new here!" thread


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Emma said:
Hi, Youtuber: MaxStormPower, here. You've probably never heard of me, but I am a Roblox Youtuber who loves wolves, and, uh, Foxes and Yoshies from Heck itself! I joined so I can see the funny stuff and see what my brother, Creature from the depths of Heck itself, has been laughing his head off at. :dk: :bowser: :yoshi: :posh:
Hey, Emma!
So, random question: Is the word "hell" to edgy for you to type?

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White Lightning welcomes you!


Well heya peeps im goku12 i was a member of the mario wiki for a loong time though i didnt make an account on it and this until today so heres the things you need to know about me:1.My favorite paper mario game is super paper mario favourite mario spin off series is mario and luigi games favourite mario characters are bowser and bowser jr im hoping to have fun here in this community :)

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Well welcome! It is always a good thing to see new faces.


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Took me a while to find this thread but uh hi everyone I'm Magma. I've known about this community for a long time and I'm friends with Glowsquid from another community(Wario Forums) and so decided to give this place a try.
Hey there. I was wondering when you'd make good on your interest in joining.


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hello i am really funny jab man
Name: JabMan

Date of Birth: March 12th 1604

Mario Games that I enjoy a lot: Super Smash Bros Ultimate (its not really a mario game but its my favorite game please dont kill me), Mario Maker 2, New Super Mario Bros DS, Super Mario Odyssey, Mario's Castle, Super Mario Bros 3 and Super Mario 64

Mario Game that I do not like and will punch: uhhh probably Super Mario Bros 2

Favorite Mario Characters: Luigi and Bowser

Fat Yoshi: Yes

Mario: Nintendo Entertainment System