The official "Hi, I'm new here!" thread


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New members, feel free to add a reply to this thread introducing yourself. Tell us a little about you, your favorite Mario stuff, whatever you'd like!
Name: Seif Omar Ahmed
Birth Date : 5/12/1987
Country : Egypt
Hobbies : History , Computer & Internet , Video Games & Reading
Favorite Mario Stuff : Super Mario Bros. ( NES Ver. ) , Super Mario All Stars , Super Mario Kart , Super Marioo 64 , Mario Kart 64 , Mario Vs DK , Super Mario Sunshine .
Studying History In Cairo College
It's-a me Paper Jorge!

I'm a sysop of the Mario Wiki, and I am a fan of Mario, especially the Paper Mario series.

I come from a state near Mexico, and I speak spanish (Yes, I do!)

If you want to learn more info visit my user page in the Wiki.
Name: PeteyPiranhaLover
Real Name: Eric Kooistra
Age: 14
Favorite Mario Series: Mario Party
Favorite Nintendo System: Nintendo GameCube
Favorite Nintendo accessory: Nintendo GameCube Microphone
Birth Date: 8/28/1992
Name: fabio, (I also go by Aboxif in the Wiki.)
Age: Just turned 17 years old 2 days ago.
Hobbies: Video Games, Internet, ROM hacking
Favorite Mario Games: SMRPG, Paper Mario series, SMW, SMW2: YI, SM64, Mario Kart DS, Mario Kart, Double Dash, and Super Mario All-Stars. I'm also a fan of the Donkey Kong Country series, #2 is my favorite out of the 3.
Name: Batman
Favorite games: I'll play anything you put infront of me.
Age: 102
ultimatetoad said:
Name: Batman
Favorite games: I'll play anything you put infront of me.
Age: 102

I'm guessing all you said was a lie :roll: .

But if it wasn't... :shock:

:eekdance: :eekdance: :eekdance: :eekdance:
ultimatetoad, why would you play any game put infront of you? Some games can be boring. But I do have to agree with you, most games are great.
Hi, I'm WarioLoaf (WL for short).

I'm not as new here, but just realized this topic existed. I'm bored right now and am answering this to make these useless minutes fun!

I listen to meat loaf, the singer, and my favorite video game characters are all fat (I.E Top ten) . I also fell down the stairs when I was two and hit my head on the corner of the table the other day.

I saw Tenatious D and I am still a Virgin.

Oh I'm single, male, and dead sexy :D
Yoshilord said:Hi everybody I'm new here so could someone tell me what I need to do?

Just dont tick off the sysops.
Well I may be 2 days late but..I am the newest member so hi. I'm sure we will all learn obey meI mean love me. :twisted:
WarioLoaf said:
Oh I'm single, male, and dead sexy :D

Dude I feel sorry for you.

There isn't, not even ONE girl here in the forums/wiki. If there were I'd be so happy...ummm...yeah...

Actually there is one girl in the wiki.

PEACHYCAKES also known as Taylor. Or wait...Taylor can be a male and female...

Hmmmmmmmm, I'm here to Reighn supream and crush all my minions with uncanny FIRE!

Oh wait ......

isn't this the Halo Wiki Forum?
First Name: Kyle

Birth Date: February 2, 1993

Birthplace: Norwich, Connecticut

Residence: Pawcatuck, Connecticut

Gender: Male

Skin Color: White

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Green

Join Date: December 8, 2006
Hey, i'm male and I love Mario games and my favourite characters are Yoshi and Daisy.


That's about it. XD As you can tell i'm an extremely interesting person.