Unpopular opinions about the Mario series


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The newer Paper Mario games aren't that bad
I wouldn't say that's a particularly unpopular opinion, but preferring them to the first two definitely is, as is preferring Sticker Star to Super Paper Mario. I see many people who view the last two PM games as perfectly alright games on their own but just a disappointment compared to the first two/three.

I've not tried them myself, though I do own a CS disk and a Wii U, just haven't got round to playing it though. I don't anticipate to like either as much as the first three, since the story/character elements were apparently strongly reduced which was always one of the most important parts of PM imo. I'd still very much like to play them though.

New Super Mario Bros. U isn't the worst NSMB game, it's New Super Mario Bros. 2
Just saw this - I wouldn't say that's very unpopular either. If you ask me NSMB2 is probably the least liked in the NSMB series. I haven't played either but I'd like to play both.
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