Who or what is the Ugliest Mario character?

Paper Mario the First

He is the one and only....
i remember yids in particular for what an inconsistent awful mess of an sprite artstyle it is and nothing else
to be fair, the result isn't immediately offensive, unlike in Mario is Missing or Mario's Time Machine but at best it does look very amateur

there's also this thing that has dithering..

which I don't get because most other sprites don't have it



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Perhaps it sounds childish, but I am not fond of Yoshi's Island DS because they introduced the concept of "star children", like as if only a subset of Mario characters have a special thing going with them. Not helped by the fact that Baby Wario is probably the only Mario character that I disliked at first glance, since I get the impression that said character is a last minute addition.

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Paper Mario the First

He is the one and only....
The Star Children is a sham concept invented by Kamek just to give himself an excuse to act like a dick and kidnap many babies and also to make Daisy, Waluigi, Rosalina, and Pauline feel bad about themselves.


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What I find amusing is that the fanbase latched so hard onto this concept that was little more than an excuse for the game's largely non-existent storyline.


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i just think making a specific small set of charactres Special from like Birth is stupid. and that doesnt even mean anything besides having some sorta power thats never expanded upon? i also just find it way more interesting if the character isnt the chosen one or anything like that but mostly just sorta a normal dude