The official name change log

Rotor the Walrus

A Blue Walrus aka BlueShelledKoopaTroopa

Nico di Angelo

Son of Hades
The Shadow Prince
User Risen King Chrom has changed their username to Nico di Angelo.

Lizzie Hearts

Off with her head!
Madeline Hatter didn't end up as the roommate of Raven Queen, since Apple White befriended Raven and had a fairytale destiny related to her.

Gay Rights Luigi

back in business, baby
Crazy Mr. L Fanguy
User Midnite has changed their username to Gay Rights Luigi.

Personal LGBT ball in signature has been updated since last year! :3

Old VS. New below:

Zqtzwmxf o
Tunzwwmv o

Here are all the flags/symbols on the new ball and their meanings:

NEW and OFFICIAL Fictoqueer Pride Flag (umbrella flag for all ficto-  identities!) : r/fictosexual
Fictoqueer flag: Umbrella term for the Ficto- labels (fictosexual, fictoromantic, etc.). A ficto is someone who only has or mainly has attraction to fictional characters, and can be part of their a-spec identity.

MLM flag: Masc Loving Masc, alternate term for Gay people and includes nonbinary masculine individuals.

File:Asexual Pride Flag.svg - Wikimedia Commons
Asexual flag: This term needs no introduction but I'ma so it anyway. Used for people who experience no sexual attraction, or as an umbrella term for all a-spec identities.

Pan-Gay flag: Term for those who have a split attraction between a Pan- identity and a Gay/MLM identity. For me, I am a Panromantic (gender does not affect my romantic attraction) Gay (only have sexual attraction to men/masc individuals), but other people may use it differently.

Polyromantic flag: Term for those who are polyamorous in a romantic sense, or can experience romantic attraction to many (but not all) genders. I am both.

Man flag: Exactly as the name suggests, pride flag for those who identify as a man.

CRAE on Twitter: Today is Autistic Pride Day 2021, run by and for  #autistic people. #AutisticPrideDay aims to raise better awareness of  #autism and improve self-esteem. A series of events take place
Autism Pride symbol.

Happy Pride <3
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