What do you want in the next movie?

Main thing I really want is multiple substantial references to the Mario RPGs, something that was sadly entirely absent from the first movie.
So they kind of played through the necessary "Bower kidnaps Princess Peach and Mario goes to save Princess Peach" story in the first movie, now I'd like to see something a lot more unique that doesn't have to have kidnapping or anything.
I want it to start exploring things from the RPGs. Not necessarily the main plot, but I just want things that establish that a version of those games could exist in this world. Sow the seeds so that maybe down the line they can build up to adaptations of some of them.
More scenes with Baby Mario and Baby Luigi and they get spoken dialogue.

I really want to see Toadette, Wario, and Waluigi.
I really want to see Yoshi and the Koopalings....please! 😣

Seriously though really looking forward to whatever the next movie has to offer. 🙂
i hope they make bowser actually threatening instead of just making him horny for most of the movie
That comment sounds especially amusing given he HAS horns on his head. Like, ok, I know it was in the other context, but still funny anyway. Also he was way out of Peach's league; why did he ever think he had a chance with her? 🤣
I would love to see:
  • More characters get introduced (Wario, Waluigi, Daisy, Rosalina, Bowser Jr. etc.)
  • Unique plot with a new villain (Don't get me wrong the first movie's plot and villain were both great)
  • Focus more on Mario-related orchestration and less on real songs that were shoehorned into the first movie
As far as more characters getting introduced sure I'd love to see that. Still think Bowser would make a good villain; maybe it would be cool if another Mario villain teamed up with him like Wart or Birdo. More classic Nintendo references would be good too. I don't know if anyone noticed but one of the characters had the old Nintendo Gamecube start up sound effect as their ringtone on their phone. I think it might have been Luigi.
i hope they make bowser actually threatening instead of just making him horny for most of the movie

i mean he was a legitimant threat... his obsession made him insanely violent to everyone who stood in his way. didn't he even state he was going to kill luigi in front of mario? and the final bowser fight has been the most beaten up we've seen of mario in any official media.



i hope to see more of bowser being completely ruthless, a shame luigi hid away during most of the fight so he didnt get beaten up but there's always movie number 2 :^]
I liked the scenes where he actually was yknow, scary, but i wish that's what they did with him throughout the whole movie, would've truly lived up to jack blacks performance if he did
@peachan I would like to see that. Isn't Princess Daisy also Luigi's girlfriend? I think so, but I could be wrong.
Yes, Daisy and Luigi are together. I believe they are more canon that Mario and Peach.
I guess my wishes are more basic but I'd like Luigi to play a bigger role (he probably will in the sequel), but I don't want another brother separation-rescue plot. The strongest parts of the Mario movie was the Mario & Luigi moments, in the beginning and end. I also want to see Toad more in the movie.

Oh and finally I like some Mario Party references.

Ofc there's other things in the movie I do want, mainly more Brooklyn-centric shenanigans involving the Bros's family and plumbing business.
  • Wario and Waluigi to be featured. In the Mario series these two are more or less inseparable at this point of time, so if they were to be featured, then both of them should be in instead of Wario only. It would also be an opportunity for another voice actor to voice Waluigi since he is a recurring character with only one voice actor so far. A notable achievement no doubt, but voice actors aren't forever. Also I imagine they would interact well with Mario & Luigi, and their inherent comedic potential would gel well with Illumination's expertise.
  • Mario Party references. It's hard to say what they would do, but whatever meagre music reference existed in the first film seems to be too obscure that I hardly recognised Wario's Battle Canyon being played in the music. A more overt reference would be much more welcomed, similar to how Mario Kart and Donkey Kong Country have very obvious showings.
  • It's not important but I think Daisy showing up and having a role would be swell. Having too many recurring characters might have been a bit too much but it would certainly make my day. It's looking like the Sonic movies will NOT have Amy Rose in any of its three movies and I found it to be disappointing. It might fuel the unimportance of the character despite her prominence as of late.
  • More Mario family. The idea of a Mario family is nice, but it would've been nicer if they could show up in the games as well. To settle the disputes on how the parents look like.

Thank you for reading.