What's your one favourite Mario music?


Super mario is so awesome
I'm talking as in, every game's OST is bunched up together and you can only pick one from it. What's your most favourite?

If I had to choose, it'd be Dire Dire Docks.

Soft Light from Super Paper Mario.
Mario and Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story final boss theme, In The Final.
Tough to chooooose... but probably *cough*gerudo valley*cough* Dire Dire Docks, though the whole SM64 soundtrack is truly an all-star collection.
It's impossible to pick a single favorite above the rest, but some of my favorites that come to mind atm include The Grand Finale (MLBIS), The Ultimate Show (SPM), Bounding through Time (SPM), We Believe in You Mario (TTYD), and Staff Roll (SM64)
I don't have just one being a man of culture and it's impossible for me to pick just one.

Always Smiling from DDR: Mario Mix

Sherbet Land from Mario Hoops 3-on-3

Slam Dunk from Mario Party 6

Smash Skate (Hard) from Mario Sports Mix

Crystal Canyon from Mario Strikers Charged

Autumn Mountain Battle from Paper Mario: The Origami King

Credits from Mario Super Sluggers
(this one is probably my absolute favorite Mario music tho)

Darkmoon Caverns (Diddy Kong Racing)
(if we're counting DK music)

also, some famous Mario/DK tunes

Canned Heat

The Impression That I Get

(why does the European version of the game get the better music)
The Classroom from Mario Strikers Charged. However The Wasteland and The Vice are really close.

i guess for the past few years i've been coming back to these

i don't listen to a lot of video game music any more, but i still vibe with these a good bit.
also 3DS Wi-Fi menu music (if there is a Mario game inserted then it counts)
also 3DS Wi-Fi menu music (if there is a Mario game inserted then it counts)
Isn't that just the music for the settings app as a whole, not one specifically for the WiFi menu?
But no, menu/shop/startup music from Nintendo consoles definitely doesn't count as Mario music just because there's a Mario game inserted, by that logic any song one can listen to on YouTube is Mario music because you can watch YouTube on the switch with a Mario game cartridge inserted.