the official "u did it" thread


Always remembering Walkazo
🎵I got something in the mail🎵
Okay, so I photoshopped my username over my actual name.

Dr. Peach

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I finally got out of high school. I got accepted by two colleges: Seneca and Centennial. I chose to go to Seneca that was the most recommended one. I chose the Computer Engineering Technology program.
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London Parris

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After waiting for a long time, I finally got my own debit card. I have no job, but I do have a monthly allowance flowing through until I can find me a job.


Always remembering Walkazo
I made a meme that I plan to post tomorrow in the Mario subreddit to stir the pot.


If you say you like Mario more than Luigi, they come out of the woodwork to bash Mario. If you say you like Luigi more than Mario, they still come out of the woodwork to bash Mario.

You know, I think I'll make that the title.

Diego Armando

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Yay, my new DVD player I ordered doesn’t have all that regional bullshit so I can still watch My Little Pony: Best Gift Ever on it.


Happy Holidays!
After 5 years, I've finally reached the rank of Mushroom Attendant! I feel very glad to be out of the rank where you're named after the kong who kidnaps Pauline in the very first Mario game. (By the way, DK is my 10th least favorite Mario character.)