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Please don't ask how, but somehow I found the confidence to come out to my dad as trans as he was actually okay with it, I think? His response was kinda vague but at least it wasn't automatically transphobic so that's good.

Oh yeah, and I guess since I haven't come out here even though I have, I may as well come out as trans.


I am working on going to sleep eariler, I just feel scared and loney outside of nights with events and Saturdays, I found a more personal reason to get healthy and that's good for me


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Another trans girl here, congrats! The family is always the hardest.

I hope you get out of that nightmare soon, Kringle! You deserve so much better. Also, sleep is good!!!

I made it through Christmas at my mother's without getting hurt, so that's good.

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I have finally restarted my YouTube channel.


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A couple days ago I got my first job interview (it's a summer job as a lifeguard). I've got the job as long as I complete all the necessary certification.

I also opened my very own bank account as a result, and I should be getting my own debit card within a couple weeks. Dang, it feels great to be 15.

Douglas MacArthur

Old soldiers never die; they just fade away.
I photoshopped my first image. I used GIMP. Here's the before and after.


Me irl.jpg


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