What game did you last play?!?!?!?


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green man house three.
that chef boss legit had me screaming "IT'S EGGMAN" at my screen while i was in a discord call

Princess Mario

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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Blue Rescue Team

Me (20 Forks the Mudkip), Barely! the Treecko, and Magster the Magnemite beat Zapdos. Treecko used Screech, I walked up to Zapdose and used Attract on it (yes Attract works). Treecko Bullet Seed on Zapdos and landed two hits. Zapdos got over attraction and used a move for 9 damage. I positioned away, switching places with Magster to get it near Zapdos (which it eventually did, dumbass didn't move toward it even though its tactic is set to "Go After Foes") so it can use Metal Sound on Zapdos but after I repositioned and I can land my first hit, Zapdos died.


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A couple of games:

Yu-Gi-Oh: Legacy of the Duelist Link Evolution

I have beaten the VRAINS campaign 100% (both normal and reverse), since there were only 3 duels so it didn't take long. It provided me a taste on what kind of powers the Cyberse, Gouki and Trickstar wield, since they are after all the forerunners of VRAINS for the time being. Of course an update will eventually add more. I think the nice thing about this game is to use certain decks and understand what they are all about, even the decks aren't 100% true to the original. For example, Yusei used a Chronomaly deck once, which he never used due to the deck being a ZeXal archetype. Also some characters have strengthened deck, such as Weevil having copies of Cocoon of Ultra Evolution (allowing him to easily bring out Perfectly Ultimate Great Moth) that makes up for an otherwise weak deck.

On the other hand, it felt overwhelming to even attempt to build a deck, because you start out with a mere fraction of the entire card catalogue. Moreover, you have to purchase the packs that are itself unlocked by beating certain parts of the campaign. Since pulling the proper card is also based on chance, it's going to be a while before I can get a proper Morphtronic or Deskbot deck, much less other archetypes that I want to see, such as Speedroid.

Octopath Traveler

I still haven't captured the elusive Chubby Cait, which is this game's Metal King Slime in that it has high defence, high evasion, a high chance of running away, and rewards handsomely for defeating it (for reference, the Cait is the Metal Slime and Cultured Cait is the Liquid Metal Slime). The reason for catching it? It has an array of useful effects and one of the most useful captures. I am attempting to do this before facing the second super boss.

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just started a new playtthrough of harry potter and the chamber of secrets. i still love the game to death. i LOVE the voice acting in the russian version too!
i even learned a bunch of new stuff about the game as well which is pretty epic
beat it and got all the cards too (you can see here)

the challenge for gold cards is pretty fun!! you just gotta think fast. i kinda beat it thrice just to speedrun it
even beat the gryffindor challenge, which isnt accessible without cheating lmao. it seems so complete i have no idea why they cut it out. though it could def be polished let me say that. anyway i speedran it too whoops
ok so basically great game


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Spyro Reignited Trilogy (Switch) -- Spyro the Dragon

Not a huge fan of the speedways in this particular game so I think I'll just finish the normal levels and main story first before backtracking to them later, I've obtain all non-speedway dragons and gems from Artisans to Magic Crafters and I'm currently making my way through Beast Makers. I noticed that Spyro can now (sometimes) grab certain ledges if you're a little bit short on your glide which certainly has came in handy on numerous occasions, also I like how Sparx can point you in the direction of the nearest gems like he could in Spyro 3 except for all three games in the trilogy have it right out of the gate.

Edit: Defeated Gnasty Gnorc, currently missing some gems in Dream Weavers and Gnorc Gnexus plus the aforementioned speedway gems.
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just played spore. i remembered a funky thing i did in the space stage with trees so to show it off to my friend i decided might as well play that space save file i kinda sorta abandoned in october.. it was fun! i shouldnt be abandoning it for that long!