The Big Cheeses Of The Mushroom Kingdom


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Hello, Vid here best interviewer ever here
You may know me if you read the latest issue of The 'Shroom (As of the writing of this)
If you haven't read the issue... get on that reader

I interview everyone's favorite villains of the Mario Universe/Multiverse
For my first issue I interviewed King Koopa himself
If you want to read how that went down read my very awesome debut! Eat my shilling nerd.

But for the next issue and the ones after that, I ask all of you to please suggest my next interviewee
It's very simple

1-Give the name of the interviewee and put a link to their Mario Wiki page if they have one, which they most likely do
2-Please give some reasons why you think the character in question is worth interviewing
3-If you have the same nomination idea as another user who has posted, you can show your support by throwing in a couple more reasons of your own with a reply

That's pretty much it
After a amount of time that I'm still deciding, most likely a week, I'll go check all the interviewee nominations and pick which one I think would be most interesting
If you even TRY shilling I will... I will.... GIVE YOU A VERY MEAN GLARE!
Ahem.... anyway, don't start giving suggestions now, that's for next month, I'll see you until then
Cheese rolling out™
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Well I would of said to wait till next month for suggestions
but you might as well just say it now lol
anyone else tho, wait till next month to share your nominations
Nominations are now open
Whom shall I hound?
So I've decided to just start taking requests until I start working on the next issue so... got any ideas go ahead
We should hear from Cackletta.

I understand she has some very interesting stances on education policy in the Beanbean Kingdom and some innovative new ideas on relations between the Beanbean and Mushroom Kingdoms, as well as thoughts about castle plumbing and definitely not security infrastructure.

I mean, and, uh, yeah, she's also an evil witch, so that might come up, too.
With the new issue of the 'Shroom out (which you should read if you haven't already)
Suggestions are now open once more
Late but suggestions are now officially CLOSED.
Make sure to come back when they're open again! Usually the day or day after a new Big Cheese comes out.
The Big Cheeses Of The Mushroom Kingdom has been cancelled

Due to this, suggestions are permanently closed

A big thank you to those who read it.