1. Monokuma11037

    The Big Cheeses Of The Mushroom Kingdom

    Hello, Vid here best interviewer ever here You may know me if you read the latest issue of The 'Shroom (As of the writing of this) If you haven't read the issue... get on that reader I interview everyone's favorite villains of the Mario Universe/Multiverse For my first issue I interviewed King...
  2. Joe Fight

    'Shroom Section(s) that are written by me and you can read them.

    Oh dear, it appears that didn't go very well did it, let's hope I actually submit more then part of my section this time. Issue 174: Dengeki Bunko FIGHTING CLIMAX I will update this OP properly at a later date.
  3. Koops

    Koops, the Emblem's on Fire.

    Ok! No more placeholding! Welcome everyone to my own section. Excuse its title, I had nothing more creative. In this section which I intend to write for a long time, I will teach you boys about the fascinating world of Fire Emblem. No, it's not solely populated by anime swordsmen or...
  4. Lakituthequick

    Lakituthequick's occasional art

    In which I post stuff I make. If I make stuff that is. Table of contents Mario Awards XI presentation BTS: M16 Favourite Item Mario Awards XI presentation BTS: M8 Favourite Art Style Unfinished Christmas 2017 art Steamed Hams but it's swiftly dubbed in Dutch Anniversary Announcements sprites...