Mariovania: a station for ideas


writing for the `Shroom, saving Popstar from doom
So you know how people make metroidvania style SMM2 levels? Well I have recently gotten into that style of game and though: wouldn't it be a fun community project if I made a metroidvania level while taking tips and subjections from the Mario Boards? It's a win-win! I get to revisit a game I haven't played in a while and get better at making levels, and you get to have your ideas put into a level which you can play afterwards! So here's the checklist:
  • What game style?
  • What Mario power-ups and where?
  • What the four areas should be themed on
  • What should the main and sub world themes be?
So let's get the ideas flowing!

Mario: a pumpkin head

What did you think this was all about? Pumpkins!?
Bazooka Mario
If we're going to do a Metroidvania style Mario game, it should be a spiritual successor to Super Mario Bros. 2, a game that is known for its longer levels, more generous checkpoints, and lack of a time limit, and that there's a bit of backtracking and exploration involved that isn't there in the other Mario games.