super mario maker 2

  1. Kirbyo

    Mariovania: a station for ideas

    So you know how people make metroidvania style SMM2 levels? Well I have recently gotten into that style of game and though: wouldn't it be a fun community project if I made a metroidvania level while taking tips and subjections from the Mario Boards? It's a win-win! I get to revisit a game I...
  2. Matz

    Super World Galaxy

    Hey guys, (yeah, I’m back) here, you can post your Super Worlds so we can play them! I called it “Super World Galaxy” because together, we can create a whole Galaxy out of this! (Get it, because their Worlds) So let’s start creating the Galaxy, shall we? Structure: You put your Super World’s...
  3. Matz

    Who else watches Desbug?

    Does someone else watch Desbug? He’s a pretty funny guy. He reached S+ in Mario Maker 2 like a month ago. Does someone else know his greatness?
  4. Matz

    The weekly GamerM10 SMM2 Versus Match

    Starting tomorrow, I will post a Room Code that you can enter so we can play versus matches! The matches will be every Thursday from 12:30PM CDST to 2:00PM CDST. I will post the room code every Thursday five minutes before the match.
  5. Matz

    Post your Maker IDs here

    I dont care if anyone did this before. Just put your Maker ID down below so all of us can play your levels.