General thoughts about updates for Smash


Me and my pencil
If you have an idea for adding, changing, or removing something from Smash that you think would improve the game, post it here! I have a lot of thoughts on this subject, but for now, I'm only going to post a few.

I think that Dedede deserves his own victory theme. Kirby has the traditional dance theme (I know it's a remix, but you get the point), Meta Knight has an electric guitar version, and Dedede... has nothing. He needs some sort of big band version of the theme or something.
And here's a general idea I had that's impractical but very cool: Two or more characters out of the same series, when on a team, should have a unique victory theme for when they win. For example, if Dedede and Meta Knight were on a team, they could have their pre-battle jingle from the third chapter of Kirby Fighters 2's story mode. (I'll post it later.) On top of that, maybe even special victory animations. Something like that would be cool.

Anyways, what are your thoughts?
add more donkey kong music
I do wish for an option to disable footstool jump. Also far fetch dream but star kos should work like in Brawl and work in all stages because it's funny, that's why
add more donkey kong music
now that more posts are here i can add the elaboration i wrote shortly after posting that post (post post post post post posts)
- the tropical freeze version of stickerbrush symphony (plays in twilight terror), or the snes og straight up. idk i dont really like the smash version of the song
- big boss blues (dkc3 final boss) we already have the previous 2 final boss themes so?????
- hot head bop 👉👈
- if im gonna keep showing off my bias, fear factory
- a cool dkc3 remix or something idk it just deserves more music. nuts and bolts works on its own too
- dudeeeee big top bop/punch bowl really good dkctf boss themes
- grassland groove???
- theres so many dkctf tracks they could have n they only have like 2!!!!!! anyway funky waters/amiss abyss or irate eight or jammin jams (MY BIAS speakin of which busted bayou would work well) orr frosty fruits
- hey maybe seashore war deserves attention too. its a pretty popular track and could get a cover remix arrangement whatever
- one of the credits themes? from the series in general
- more dk64 music idk which one im not familiar w the soundtrack
- also make dk rap longer like it used to be
- rename swinger flinger to bopopolis because this track plays in bopopolis and not swinger flinger and also bopopolis is a better level and bopopolis is really fun to say and type!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bopopolis
-not donky kong but they shoulda had mario rabbids music (MIDBOSS MAYHEM HELLO??? THE MOST ICONIC ONE???)
Oh in terms of update patches there probably should be more buffs for, like, Dr. Mario and Little Mac. I haven't been following competitively but why not introduce a few nerfs to Peach and Pikachu who were weirdly slightly buffed from Smash 4 despite, yknow, being already competitively solid characters.
Why not nerf Marth? Similar to Pikachu, he's been a top/high tier character in every game since his debut.

I also want Jigglypuff to be good again, like in Melee. Why does Sakurai hate her so much? 😥
Updates were fine, just need to do those polls like the old days and we have a potential Smash game on our hands,
Why not nerf Marth? Similar to Pikachu, he's been a top/high tier character in every game since his debut.

Marth isn't that good in Ultimate, being generally outclassed by Lucina.