I just finished SPM for the first time


Did I Miss It Again!?
the last time i played this game, i got stuck in 3-3 (couldn't figure out how to get past that spike hall inside the tree) and couldn't progress any farther.
this was 6 years ago, and now i've come back and finally finished the game for the first time.

my insides are in pain
my feelings are sad
and i need to sleep

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Nah you get a lot of criticism directed at Super Paper Mario in other communities. I've seen them.

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I played it when I was just a little boy who liked all Mario games, so I can't presently voice my feelings about the gameplay. The criticism I've seen directed towards the implementation of the dimension-flipping mechanic, the Pixls, the lack of balance in the playable characters, and the easy difficulty seems valid, however.

Based on my watching of bits and pieces of cutscenes on YouTube, I must say that while I didn't feel off put by the more serious tones employed for the storytelling, I didn't find the story itself anything to write home about and I rolled my eyes hard at the final boss where the faux-villain is suddenly redeemed from his terrible deeds (attempting multiverse murder) by some dumb shit that didn't make sense (i.e. THE POWER OF LOVE). Which is too bad because I think the characters were pretty interesting for the most part even if they were trope-ish, as were the environments (Greek underworld, with the river of pained souls, being one of my favourites). I think it's the funny Paper Mario dialogue that carries the game's script.

I listen to the soundtrack on a regular basis though, especially when I feel down.
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Dropping in to say that I am and always will be in love with this game. ❤ I absolutely disagree with every story-related criticism aside from very minor things (there are some major flaws in some of the level design & objectives however).

Congrats on finishing it.