super paper mario

  1. Scarlet Pairo

    Why the Land of the Cragnons is one of the best chapters in SPM.

    I've seen many people hate on this chapter, mainly because of Flint Cragley and all of his dialogue. I don't quite get that. The Land of the Cragnons, Chapter 5 in Super Paper Mario, is one of my favorite chapters in the game. Here are the reasons why. The Cragnons Many people complain about...
  2. Scarlet Pairo

    Why Undertale is connected much deeper to Mario than you think.

    WARNING: Proceed with caution. This post reveals major spoilers for the games Undertale, Deltarune and Super Paper Mario. ALL of these games are best (if not only) enjoyed when playing them without knowledge of the plot twists etc. So, if you haven't played these games, shoo. Off you go...
  3. nuclearminer

    I just finished SPM for the first time

    the last time i played this game, i got stuck in 3-3 (couldn't figure out how to get past that spike hall inside the tree) and couldn't progress any farther. this was 6 years ago, and now i've come back and finally finished the game for the first time. my insides are in pain my feelings are sad...