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of all the games the only one i havent played is sunshine. i played 64 on an emulator, and i dont think i need to say much about galaxy. one reason i feel like i wanna buy it is to see how optimized the games are for the switch. i wanna see for example if galaxy is better with a pro controller, or if ill wanna buy a gamecube controller to play sunshine like its 2002.

i guess theres also the fact that it sold super well so it feels weird to not own it


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i havent played either of the three games and i also did get it on sale so i think ill get my moneys worth out of it
maybe do get it on sale if possible!


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im not 100% sure if march 31st means ill never get this game. maybe some stores will still have the game even after that date. i mean most gamers in my country are playstation peeps so they dont care about nintendo stuff, thus 3d all stars copies wouldnt sell too quickly

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so, i know its weird to just bump a thread, but like, 5 months or something after the collection came out, everyone has probably formulated an opinion on it. should i buy it? i dont usually ask these kinds of things, but yknow, limited time. i only have 2 months
if you don't have a decent pc, then probably get it on a big discount, like buy used and set having a decent pc as a long-term goal. if you do have a decent pc, then don't buy it.

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It feels so incomplete without it! What's Galaxy 1 without 2?? :sad:
Honestly, Galaxy 2 was even deemed by the developers to be a Galaxy 1.5 or, as we would say now, “DLC before they were a thing on the Wii”. Galaxy is the groundbreaking game that expanded the Mario universe, added Rosalina and all the gravity-based mechanics, saying that Galaxy is incomplete without 2 is being even more aggressive than the Nintendo marketing team at the time of Galaxy 2 (gotta love the DVD showing how to play).

Ultimately, Galaxy 2 was the first game from the director of Super Mario 3D World so in the grand scheme of things it led to Plessie, Draggadon and Wingo, plus the discovery that the linear levels with abstract settings worked a lot better in Captain Toad Treasure Tracker while Super Mario 3D World worked immensely better in an open world environment.

Plus, Galaxy 2 had an amazing soundtrack.

But if you ignore 3D Land in the collection, it’s fine to ignore Galaxy 2 too, in my opinion. It was a good game, but basically a glorified DLC, even according to the developers. And I say that as a :yoshi: fan. And as someone who actually started with Galaxy 2, then jumped to Galaxy to have more context and eventually returned to Galaxy 2. Both Galaxies 100%ed too.

EDIT: oh, yeah, I had forgotten about Pom Pom. Add her as one of the worthwhile consequences of Galaxy 2. The Hisstocrats, Cat Toad and the victory march of SM3DW too, if you are lucky enough to even remember at least 2 of those 3 without having to play the Switch port.
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You got me there. Galaxy 1 is definitely a full game on its own.
I can't help but feel Galaxy 2 was unjustly left out though. Look at the original Mario all stars, it had both SMB1 and Lost Levels. Lost Levels, its own name shamelessly advertising itself as an addition to SMB rather than an actual sequel.

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Thing is, Lost Levels was between 1 and 3, here the most recent is Galaxy, so they just stopped there. I agree that having Galaxy 2 and 3D Land would have made sense to prepare for 3D World - the transition would have been more gradual - but it looks like the collection was a bit rushed, so they stopped at Galaxy.