Super Mario 3D All-Stars

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there's the repetitive red coin stuff which you'll probably get tired of

blue coins add an element of collection, I just think power moons in odyssey were done so much better

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Sunshine without the GameCube controller is weird. Like, I'll jump off something, and then I'll press "X" and I'll press A. It's just really weird. Should I get a adapter?

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probably just have to get used to it since nintendo just decided to remap some controls (and they inverted the y axis) and no way for you to adjust them because, well, it's a nintendo game, remapping controls outside of smash is practically unheard of.

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preordered the game and have been juggling all three of them over the past weekend. having not played the first two in probably a decade, here are some initial thoughts and impressions of each game:

super mario 64: made it to the second floor of the castle. looks a lot better on switch than i would have expected, especially in handheld mode. its still obviously an n64 game, but it looks nice and crisp, like the version of an n64 game i would remember with rose-tinted nostalgia goggles rather than what actual n64 games look like these days. mario controls fairly alright, chaining together long-jumps is probably the funnest in this game, although his weird little turning circle when changing directions can be a little annoying since its not something im used to and has cause me trouble every now and again. the camera, however, is absolutely abyssmal, and i often find myself falling or even walking into places with zero visibility and having to walk blindly for a couple of seconds to get the camera to reset, which can be annoying. theres also a few other issues associated with the whole "first ever major 3d platformer", like the fact it kicks you out of each level, the vagueness of how to get some stars, but its all mostly ok. the camera is the real killer here, which is a shame because theres still some good stuff here in the structure and level design, although some stars have a lot more thought put into them than others.

super mario sunshine: gotten up to around sirena beach/hotel level. overall, its actually been pretty fun! i feel like ive done a lot in the game already despite only having around 20 shines, so i guess thats nice. i havent come across any super frustrating parts yet so i have mostly positive impressions. using fludd's spray nozzle is a bit weird, having it mapped to two buttons rather than the one button in the gamecube is understandable but also feels a bit off to me for some reason... not to mention i keep getting messed up by having to push up to make the nozzle go up, which i guess is where inverting the axes would help but oh well. shout-outs to this game for being the only one where you can freely control the camera cause the console it was released on had two sticks; that alone is enough to make it more enjoyable than sm64 for me right now. i didnt remember until now that mario cant actually long jump in this game, but the dive/flip combo fills that role just as well, and using fludd to do a water-ground slide is really fun and satisfying, probably one of the funnest ways to get around in this whole set of games. ive enjoyed most of the missions so far, mostly tackling them in a somewhat linear order but its good fun all the same. the infamous blue coins have been a lot more enjoyable than i remembered... but i get the feeling i'll be enjoying them a little less once i start trying to go for all of them. hopefully having a recent memory of playing the game will help me not run around on wild goose chases for coins i already have once i inevitably start looking at a guide.

super mario galaxy: hoo boy, its my first 3d mario and one of my favourites which ive already played through like 4 times (8 if you wanna count luigi as separate), now available on switch! honestly, ive been surprised by how much ive been enjoying this one. im up to the engine room, so as you can guess ive actually been playing this one the most despite me buying the game mostly for the first two games. maybe its nostaliga, but man i just love this game so much. i guess its been longer since ive played the game than i remembered because ive found my memory of the game has faded enough that i can enjoy it as something ive enjoyed playing a long time ago, rather than as something ive played too much to be able to fully enjoy as much as i used to, so thats a pleasant surprise. i also replayed galaxy 2 by coincidence leading up to this, having picked up an unfinished file a week or so before this collection was announced, and after having maintained for most of my life that both galaxies, while different, are mostly as good as each other... well, i've finally joined the "Galaxy 1 is actually better" club :rosalina:. of course, galaxy 2 isnt a bad game, and it makes some nice iterations to the engine and new ideas to bring to the table... but, i think Galaxy 1 is just a more cohesive and well-rounded game overall (i wont get into it too much here since i'll get off-topic, but maybe i'll find somewhere else on the boards to ramble about it at some stage down the line). as far as the switch implementation goes... unfortunately, it's somewhat of a mixed bag. it looks incredible, both in docked and handheld modes, and it's absolutely worth giving a go. the controls are still great all these years later, especially with an option for both motion and button control for spinning (no free camera but galaxy's camera isnt as abyssmal as 64's so it isnt as glaring here), and this release is just as good as the original wii version, perhaps even better... except for the one major caveat: the pointer. obviously, the switch doesnt have an ir pointer, so some compromises had to be made. when you're in tabletop and docked, the controller's gyroscope is used to simulate it, while handheld uses the touchscreen exclusively (which can also be used in tabletop). i've tried most of the configurations, and ive got mixed feelings. the pro controller's pointer is functional but its a bit slow and it feels a bit unnatural and not very pointer-like, and i found it pretty awkward to get the pointer to comfortably travel the entire screen. playing with separated joycons is probably the best option, assuming your joycons still work. mine both work fine except the right joycon has slight connection issues with docked mode, so the pointing is a little jankier than it should be, but in tabletop it works fairly well. not quite the same as a wii remote, since sometimes it needs to be recentered, but once it's centered it definitely feels the closest to the original experience. the pointer travels quickly and smoothly, and just handles very well. as for handheld and it's touch controls... sorry, but it's just not any good. at all. its impossible to operate the touch screen and hold both sides of the console at the same time, so you end up alternating between jumping/attacking and picking up starbits, and whenever you need the touchscreen you have to basically hold the entire system with one hand, which is not ideal since it isn't exactly a lightweight machine (although maybe, it could be better on the lite? but im skeptical). it just doesn't work with the action and kind of ruins the gameplay imo. i guess the consolation is that you can just... not grab star bits, but that doesnt jive well with me cause you need them to unlock certain galaxies or secret paths, and its missing out on what i find to be one of the core gameplay elements. so with that in mind, ive unfortunately ended up playing this exclusively in tabletop and docked mode, which is a bit of a shame, but whatever, i guess thats the way it goes. the minigames that require the pointer seem to be passable, but probably still not quite as good as if you used the pointer. with all that in mind, i can absolutely see why they didnt include galaxy 2 in this, cause yoshi would be basically impossible to use with this control scheme. so yeah, the experience does come with one major caveat... but, if you're someone who can give up handheld play, this is still an amazing game, totally worth playing and is still just as good today as i remember it being every other time ive played it, and sometimes i feel like im appreciating it even more than i have in past playthroughs.

overall, i think that, for me personally, this has been a pretty worthwhile purchase. one thing ive had fun doing is checking my list of games after i finish up for the day with it sorted by playtime, and seeing how far the game has climbed up the ranks... its already in the top half of games, and im pretty sure it'll be within the top ten by the time i finish with it. so yeah, im enjoying this trip back in time through mario's past, warts and all, and i dont regret the purchase at all.

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Well, an update to invert the camera is coming

Dang, my sister and I joked at this game's expense like, what if Zelda had a 3D All Stars port and we said they all had their camera controls inverted.

Still, should have been in the base game in the first place. Not bad news that they are adding options but...

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It's Optional But...

The Painful Things about All of theses games...

-Tick Tock Clock

-Rainbow Ride

-Jolly Rodger Bay 100 Coins

-Pachinko Machine

-Watermelon Mission

-Lilly Pad Mission

-Spring Mushroom

-Luigi's Purple Coins

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I've loved the idea of 3D Mario ever since the late 80's, when they converted arcade franchises like PacMan to 3D (PAcmania), and added 3D style graphics to the Space Invaders, Asteroids and Galaga series (Majestic 12, Blasteroids, Galaga88). It would be several years before a 3D Mario platformer would come out, and after Super Mario Kart, I fell out of the circuit, and didn't reenter until the Wii, with Galaxy2 being the first for me. The ultimate fulfillment for me was 3D Land. The thing I liked about the original SMB was its linear form, where you knew to just continue right, toward the goal. When I saw the first true SMB platformers, SM64 and Sunshine in th store, I didn't even know where to begin heading toward.

So I've realized I'm not realy a fan of the "open, free range" (or "free roaming", or whatever) concept. I like the contained atmosphere of the origina, and 3DL and to some extent, the Galaxies, were the closest to that. I plan to finally get 3DWorld when we likely get a Switch this wnter.

With 3D Allstars out now, and people playing all the games on YouTube (one channel is currently doing Sunshine now, after finishing 64 and Galaxy 1, and I had watched the whole Odyssey awhile ago), it made me just think, it would be interesting to have a game of scaled down versions of many of these worlds, where the basic gameplay, graphics, enemenies and obstacles are the same, but it's simpler, and you just head to a goal. My favorites are New Donk City, Luncheon Kingdom, Supermassive Galaxy (since it's based on the original SMB), and the stunning graphics of any water world.

I know many have stated here that they prefer the open range, but still, wouldn't it be nice to have little segments of the different worlds all in a single game as well?


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The game now supports GC controller (albeit ONLY FOR Sunshine)!

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i personally never saw why people were mad that sunshine didnt support gamecube controllers, like, if you wanna play sunshine with gamecube controls just play the original. nontheless, a nice addition, and it's pretty nice for people who wanna experience sunshine the old way and dont have a gamecube/wii

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I own the original copies of Mario 64 and Mario Galaxy. Gives me no reason to buy the collection. Not to mention, Mario 64 is the shindou version so no BLJs or gay bowser.

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I don't really get why Super Mario 64 being a specific version of the game really matters, all people complain about is how it removes a technique only speedrunners (<1% of players) use, and how it changes one sound, which you here about three times over the course of the entire game. It does not affect your experience of the game at all.

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Gay Bowser does affect the experience of the game IMO, just not incredibly important, but if people find it a reason to dock against the port, why not? It's an arbitrary change in the end. It does make it a really faithful port in the end despite defenders of this tell us it's supposed to "replicate" the original experience.

Not to mention the original is stupid expensive online.
no one can or should get the actual hardware when it's piss easy to find roms online and play from the emulators

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no one can or should get the actual hardware when it's piss easy to find roms online and play from the emulators
Sometimes I just kinda wish Nintendo had old games available on like, GoG or Steam or something, similar to how Sega releases their old Sonic games on there. I'd buy Super Mario Galaxy on PC.