Super Mario 3D All-Stars

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They just ripped off Mario Royale for SMB35.

They apparently did the same for SMBX and Mario Maker.
Yeah, except you can still play SMBX. With Mario Royale they actually shut it down. Hopefully Nintendo doesn't shut down SMB 35 in March.

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theyre ugly anyway. ugly YUCKY palette!!!!!!

and yea im just tired of seeing them everywhere use a different mario sprite for once. how about the smw one it has really nice colors
If it were up to me, I'd make them use a Yoshi's Island sprite style instead. Draw Mario characters in that style than yucky 8 bit colors.

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the constant use of Super Mario Bros. sprites have caused them to pretty much lose all meaning. At some point I feel it was supposed to be nostalgic? but at this point it might as well be a main feature of the series
Imo it's been like this for a while. I mean, Super Mario Bros. Is probably way more influential for Mario than the original Donkey Kong since it established the Mushroom Kingdom as well as introduce many familiar creatures like Goomba, Lakitu, Bowser, and Peach. The sprite is extremely recognizable and people are horribly exposed to it. It's to help people go "hey, I remember this!", Nostalgia.

It's a shame because I agree, it looks pretty ugly. But I can't blame it for being "overused" as Kirby also relies on this I believe.

Bob Craples

2 Cool 4 School
So is anyone else disappointed that Mario 64 is only 720p when docked in this collection? Like it just feels, I don't wanna say 'lazy' or anything, but the Switch could easily handle Mario 64 at 1080p, I mean if Sunshine is gonna be 1080p, then Mario 64 should be too.
Not to mention the lack of widescreen. It doesn't even have a boarder! (I know that might be an option, but its still weird it wasn't shown in the trailer.)

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MKT is 1% Intesting all we get is High ends to waste are Ruby's, plus there is going to be a bunch of SNES Mario Circuits, Man, If they Make a Baby Tour, there gonna A. Put in Baby Park but make it 5 laps, or B. They won't add it at all. I guess We can call Mario Kart Live, Mario Kart 8.5


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So question.
So in Super Mario 64 Bowser is gay. In super Mario sunshine he has a son who is his son by blood so that means he is not. In Galaxy it is the same. But in the HD remake of 64 Mario says buh bi. So Bowser is Bi now. THIS MEANS A TIME PARADOX! So this means that Sunshine and Galaxy take place in one universe or Bowser went straight after SM64. Meaning..... SM64 Shindou version and SM64DS are in another time loop where he is bi. MEANING! 3D world slots neatly into SM64DS timeline from how Bowser acts and as far as I remember and no mention of Bowser Jr. New Super Mario Bros and it’s sequels then slot into bowser being straight. So 3D Land goes in same place as 3D world. ANNNNND! Mario Party before Bowser Jr slots into this new Bi category and Games where Bowser Jr is in slot into Straight category.
Gosh damn it Nintendo.
At least that’s my theory.

Also I can move this to somewhere else if it would be better
Also I do like the graphics
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