Goombuigi's Art Thread

To celebrate two years since I joined the forums, I made a piece with every character that I RP'd as.
Since 'Shroom Mafia 4 is finished, I figured I'd post all the portraits I did for Wright Forde 'Shroom and Goombuigi in the game.

Wright Forde 'Shroom was slightly redesigned, I replaced his white spots on his cap with colored ones, based on the colors of each of the 'Shroom teams. (I've never drawn the top spot, but it's pink based on Strategy Wing, and I didn't add any blue spots because WFS' whole cap is blue.)













































Here's some behind-the-scenes insight into what went into my presentations, as well as some art related to them.

F4 - Worst Obstacle

This concept was the first one that I came up with. I've wanted to do a presentation using Super Mario Maker 2 for a while, and although I originally thought about using the concept for a different award, I figured that F4 would work better with it. I also originally planned on making one level, but many of the obstacles were limited to certain themes in SMM2 - wind was only in the night desert theme, Rotten Mushrooms in night grassland, lava in the castle theme, and so on. So, I decided to make a Super World instead, which allowed me to flesh out the presentation of this, well, presentation, a little more.

Adapting the obstacles themselves into levels wasn't too hard, since the only obstacles that weren't in the game already were the freezing water and Poison Mushrooms. For the freezing water, I used rising and sinking water in combination with spike blocks to represent it, since the player can only be in freezing water for a little while before they begin taking damage, then they have to go out before getting back in. As for Poison Mushrooms, I thought about using Rotten Mushrooms to represent them since they were fairly similar, but considering Rotten Mushrooms were already being involved at third place, I wanted to differentiate Poison Mushrooms a little more. So, I instead used Super Mushrooms, since their movesets are identical, and constructed a level around avoiding the Super Mushrooms.

C6 - Favorite 'Shroom Special Issue

This presentation changed quite a bit from my initial vision. Although the concept of traveling inside each of the 'Shroom issues to stop a virus was consistent from the start, I had to downscale the actual presentation from a written piece with visuals to just a written piece due to time constraints. I don't have much else to say for this one, to be honest.

M28 - Favorite Retro Game

This presentation was the one that changed the most. The concept I had for this one was completely different and would've been a comic using the styles of each of the Mario games featured, but once more due to time constraints I had to downscale this one, and instead this presentation became an animation.

Fun fact: I made complete spritesheets for each game (except Super Mario 64) before I ended up only using the walking sprites, so here they are.
Goombuigi #5 SMW2YI Spritesheet.png

Goombuigi 5 SMRPG Spritesheet.png

Goombuigi #4 SMB3 Spritesheet (1).png

Goombuigi #3 PM Spritesheet.png

Goombuigi #2 SMW Spritesheet (1).png

All of these are edited from the Goomba spritesheets from Spriters Resource, and their original links are here:
- Yoshi's Island Spritesheet
- Super Mario RPG Spritesheet
- Super Mario Bros. 3 Spritesheet
- Paper Mario Spritesheet
- Super Mario World Spritesheet

So overall, I feel pretty satisfied about how my presentations turned out. While I feel like they could've been way better, I did at least make them unique from my past presentations, which is a goal that I've had going into this year. I already have ideas for next year's presentations, so I look forward to making them happen!
Well, it's been a while. I've been rather demotivated to do art in recent months due to a variety of things, school mostly. But I've been on a big Mario kick recently, though, so I felt like making some things.


Firstly, I made a couple of sprites from beads - the first is Mario in a Mercedes-Benz based on the sprite from Super Mario Maker, and the other is an emblem of Monty Mole.

Goombuigi Happy2_20221204202037.png

I also experimented with changing the outline of my character drawing from black to multicolored, and I think I like the look of this better. I'd like to change the outline for all of my character sprites, but with the sheer number of them that I've done, that sounds like a tedious task.

I'd also like to make something with clay again, since it's been a while and I do like making stuff with it, but I'm not sure what yet. Probably a character or an enemy.
Don't know if this counts as "art", but I made a new level in Super Mario Maker 2 called "Mario Saves Christmas". If you'd like to play it, the level code is CLN-94T-JWG.

On another note, I've been in a bit of an NES mood lately, so I've been working on some art based on those games. Here's one based on Donkey Kong, taking a lot of inspiration from the promotional artwork for the game.
Here's my first post in this thread of the year (about time). I had planned on making a big post on everything I've made but not yet posted in this thread, but there's a lot, so instead, I'll do small daily posts for the next few days.

To start, here's a revised portrait of Goombuigi.
Goombuigi - Portrait.png

The last one I made was for 'Shroom Mafia 4 (which I modified since to have colored outlines), and while I was satisfied with it at the time, I've since had some issues with it. The main one is that I drew the lines by hand on my phone, so they were kinda uneven sometimes. This time, I used some shapes to create a cleaner look to the portrait. In addition, I took the opportunity to revise some other issues that I had, such as the layering of the teeth being under the mouth outline, as well as adding additional details like the gleam in Goombuigi's pupils. Hopefully, this will be the ultimate portrait of Goombuigi, and I won't have to revise it anymore.

As a bonus, here's the portrait without outlines (I kinda like it, but I don't know if I prefer with or without outlines), and hatless (aka bald) Goombuigi.
Goombuigi - Portrait (No Outlines).png
Goombuigi - Portrait (Bald).png

And just for fun, here's the evolution of how I depicted Goombuigi throughout the years.
2020 - Paper Mario sprite
Goombuigi 2020.png

2021 - Portrait
Goombuigi 2021.png

2022 - Revised portrait (made for 'Shroom Mafia 4)
Goombuigi 2022.png

2022 - Revised portrait with colored outlines
Goombuigi - Happy.png

2023 - Re-revised portrait
Goombuigi - Portrait.png

When I made the 2022 portrait, I also made a bunch of expressions for it. When I revised the portrait to have colored outlines, I stated that I'd like to do the other expressions as well, and I got halfway there. So here they are, from about a year ago:
Goombuigi - Smiling.png
Goombuigi - Laughing.png
Goombuigi - Shouting.png
Goombuigi - Shocked.png
Goombuigi - Onto Something.png
Goombuigi - Cheerful.png
Goombuigi - Surprised.png
Goombuigi - Proud.png
Goombuigi - Glancing.png
Goombuigi - Blushing.png

I plan on doing the other expressions for the 2023 portrait as well, at some point. It's not a priority as of now, though. I'm also working on a revised portrait for Wright Forde 'Shroom, which should be finished within the next few days (hopefully). I'd also like to do more portraits in the future, but I don't know which characters to do after WFS yet (community characters, maybe?).
Hopefully, this will be the ultimate portrait of Goombuigi, and I won't have to revise it anymore.

Goombuigi - Portrait_20231215222607.png

Well, not even a day later, I already revised it. The way the rim of the hat looked on the right side seemed off to me, so I rectified that. I also altered the left pupil a bit so that Goombuigi stares directly into your soul at you. This should hopefully be the final revision (and hopefully I won't go back on this not even a day later again). Here are the other new portraits, without outlines and hatless:
Goombuigi - Portrait_20231215222628.png
Goombuigi - Portrait_20231215222614.png

Now, onto some other stuff. So, back in April (I think), for no particular reason at all, I decided to make some trading card-esque designs of Mario characters. I made front and back designs, and I had the intention of printing these out at one point, and I still might eventually. The front design features a bunch of depictions of the character (with a 3D render in the center, as well as the character's 8-bit sprite, 2D profile, and their emblem), and the back design features some notable games they were in as well as a brief bio. I made 12 character cards in total, here they are:
001 - Mario (1).png
001 - Mario (2).png
002 - Luigi (1).png
002 - Luigi (2).png
003 - Peach (1).png
003 - Peach (2).png
004 - Yoshi (1).png
004 - Yoshi (2).png
005 - Bowser (1).png
005 - Bowser (2).png
006 - Toad (1).png
006 - Toad (2).png
007 - Donkey Kong (1).png
007 - Donkey Kong (2).png
008 - Wario (1).png
008 - Wario (2).png
009 - Daisy (1).png
009 - Daisy (2).png
010 - Waluigi (1).png
010 - Waluigi (2).png
011 - Rosalina (1).png
011 - Rosalina (2).png
012 - Bowser Jr. (1).png
012 - Bowser Jr. (2).png
I've been on a portrait roll lately, as I've finished Wright Forde 'Shroom's portrait earlier than I thought I would. But before I get to the new portrait of WFS, here's a couple of portraits I did back in 2022, but never posted here.

WFS front_20231217180326.png
WFS Happy2_20231217180219.png
The first image is a front-facing portrait of WFS that I made for The 'Shroom Mafia 4. This one was specifically in The 'Shroom section.

The second one was made around the time when I changed Goombuigi's 2022 portrait to have colored outlines. While I also made colored outlines for about half of Goombuigi's expressions, I never got that far with Wright Forde 'Shroom. I only made colored outlines for his standard happy portrait.

Now, here's the new portrait.
Wright Forde 'Shroom - Portrait.png

Like with Goombuigi's portrait, my aim was to make this one with cleaner-looking lines. I also made a few other smaller alterations, such as changing the frames of the glasses from black to dark grey, curving the side of the glasses (because the old ones looked a bit off to me), and changing the coloring of the spots because the old ones looked too saturated to me (fun fact: I specifically eyedropped the colors of the Palette Swap, Fake News and Pipe Plaza 'Shroom Teams for the spots).

As a bonus, here's Wright Forde 'Shroom's portrait without outlines.
Wright Forde 'Shroom - Portrait (Without Outlines).png

And lastly, here's the evolution of Wright Forde 'Shroom's depictions over the years.
2021 - Portrait (for Waluigi Time Cereal Mafia)
WFS 2021.png

2022 - Revised portrait (for 'Shroom Mafia 4)
WFS 2022.png

2022 - Revised portrait with colored outlines
WFS 2022 (Colored Outlines).png

2023 - Re-revised portrait
Wright Forde 'Shroom - Portrait.png

With how quickly I've been doing these portraits, I'd like to do another one soon, but I don't know which character to do just yet.
As I've been digging through my archives, I stumbled upon something I worked on back in April 2021 - a set of icons of 8-bit style Mario characters. I don't recall what I made these for (who knows, maybe I just made then out of boredom), but I made 27 of them. So, here they are.
8-Bit Icon - Mario.png
8-Bit Icon - Luigi.png
8-Bit Icon - Peach.png
8-Bit Icon - Daisy.png
8-Bit Icon - Toad.png
8-Bit Icon - Toadette.png
8-Bit Icon - Wario.png
8-Bit Icon - Waluigi.png
8-Bit Icon - Bowser.png
8-Bit Icon - Bowser Jr..png
8-Bit Icon - Yoshi.png
8-Bit Icon - Rosalina.png
8-Bit Icon - Donkey Kong.png
8-Bit Icon - Diddy Kong.png
8-Bit Icon - Goomba.png
8-Bit Icon - Koopa Troopa.png
8-Bit Icon - Shy Guy.png
8-Bit Icon - Nabbit.png
8-Bit Icon - Professor E. Gadd.png
8-Bit Icon - Silver Mario.png
8-Bit Icon - Gold Mario.png
8-Bit Icon - Captain Toad.png
8-Bit Icon - Archivist Toadette.png
8-Bit Icon - Hint Toad.png
8-Bit Icon - Sleepy Toad.png
8-Bit Icon - Bank Toad.png
8-Bit Icon - Mail Toad.png
Fun fact, this is my first post on the Boards ever from my laptop. Anyway, here's some Awards-related stuff. So, back in 2020, I made a presentation (specifically, M12 - Favorite Supporting Character) that featured pictures styled like Super Smash Bros. reveals. I actually still have the files of the characters without their backgrounds, so here they are. (For some reason, the Waluigi one didn't have a transparent background, so I had to remove the white background after the fact, and it doesn't look perfect. Blame 16-year old me for that.)
M12 - 1. Waluigi (No Background).png
M12 - 2. Daisy (No Background).png
M12 - 3. Professor E. Gadd (No Background).png
M12 - 4. Cappy (No Background).png
M12 - 5. Captain Toad (No Background).png

Next, here's stuff from the M4 - Favorite Mario Kart Course presentation I did back in 2021. I actually meant to post these back then, but I guess I never got around to it, so better late than never. So, for that presentation, I made art of the top 5 Mario Kart courses, with various community members racing on each track. Here's each course's art with only the background:
M4 - 1. DS Waluigi Pinball (Background Only).png
M4 - 2. Wii Coconut Mall (Background Only).png
M4 - 3. N64 Rainbow Road (Wii U) (Background Only).png
M4 - 4. Wii U Mount Wario (Background Only).png
M4 - 5. 3DS Rainbow Road (Background Only).png

And here's all of the respective character art without their background.

M4 - Anton.png
M4 - BabyLuigiOnFire & LeftyGreenMario.png
M4 - BBQ Turtle.png
M4 - Cosmic Cowboy.png
M4 - Fawfulthegreat64.png
M4 - GBAToad.png
M4 - GreenWeegee.png
M4 - Hooded Pitohui.png
M4 - InsaneBlathers.png
M4 - Kirbyo.png
M4 - Koops.png
M4 - Lakituthequick.png
M4 - Luigi 64DD.png
M4 - Luigi 64DD (Goose).png
M4 - MightyMario.png
M4 - MrConcreteDonkey.png
M4 - Ninja Squid.png
M4 - Popopo.png
M4 - Roserade.png
M4 - Shy Guy on Wheels.png
M4 - Superchao.png
M4 - The Fresh Prince.png
M4 - The Pyro Guy.png
M4 - Toadettefan.png
M4 - Toadgamer.png
M4 - Tucayo.png
M4 - Waluigi Time.png
M4 - Yoshi the SSM.png
I don't have much to share today, but here's some more portraits from a while ago. Firstly, here's a couple portraits I made for Don Wright Forde 'Shroom, back in 2022.
Don Wright Forde 'Shroom (2022).png
Don Wright Forde 'Shroom (2022) - Laughing.png

Since he was conceptualized as an alter-ego to Wright Forde 'Shroom, his mushroom cap and suit use an inverted color scheme of WFS', and I gave him black glasses to make him a bit edgy.

Next, here's an unfinished portrait I made for Rita 'Shroom, Wright Forde 'Shroom's mother. I also made her portrait back in 2022.
Rita 'Shroom (2022).png

I didn't really complete her portrait, as her portrait is based on WFS' portrait and I wanted to add more distinct details. I never got around to that, but perhaps I'll redo her portrait someday.

Next, here's some images of Goombuigi that I made back in 2020, which I'll post for archival purposes. I used all of these as my profile pics at some point - Origami Goombuigi was made to commemorate Paper Mario: The Origami King, LEGO Goombuigi was made to commemorate the release of LEGO Mario, and 16th Goombuigi was made for my 16th birthday.

Goombuigi - Origami.png
Goombuigi - LEGO.png
Goombuigi - 16th Birthday.png

I also made variants of the 2022 Goombuigi portrait with a Builder helmet and an Awards hat replacing my usual hat, as well as an icon of Goombuigi in the style of the emojis of various Mario characters on the Boards (based on the Goomba emoji :goomba: specifically).

Goombuigi - Maker.png
Goombuigi - Awards.png
Goombuigi - Icon.png

That's about it for today. To be honest, I don't have much to share for the next couple of days either - I'm saving some stuff for Saturday specifically.
Don't know if this counts as "art", but I made a new level in Super Mario Maker 2 called "Mario Saves Christmas". If you'd like to play it, the level code is CLN-94T-JWG.

On another note, I've been in a bit of an NES mood lately, so I've been working on some art based on those games. Here's one based on Donkey Kong, taking a lot of inspiration from the promotional artwork for the game.View attachment 31601
So, remember this post I made a year ago (almost to the dot, coincidentally)? Well, I actually ended up making more artworks based on Mario NES games back then - alongside Donkey Kong, I did Donkey Kong Jr., Mario Bros., Pinball and Donkey Kong 3. I never posted them (that seems to be a habit...). I also started Wrecking Crew, but never finished it. For each artwork, I made a version with and without the game's logo.

1. Donkey Kong (Without Logo).png
1. Donkey Kong (With Logo).png
2. Donkey Kong Jr. (Without Logo).png
2. Donkey Kong Jr. (With Logo).png
3. Mario Bros. (Without Logo).png
3. Mario Bros. (With Logo).png
4. Pinball (Without Logo).png
4. Pinball (With Logo).png
5. Donkey Kong 3 (Without Logo).png
5. Donkey Kong 3 (With Logo).png
6. Wrecking Crew (Unfinished).png
Apologies for not posting anything yesterday - I had something planned, but didn't complete it in time.

As for today, since it's 'Shroom day, I have some 'Shroom-related stuff to share - specifically, relating to my new section, The Mariospective. Firstly, here's the logo I made for the section:
The Mariospective - Logo (NES).png

The "Mario" in the logo is based off the standard Mario font (specifically, the Super Mario 3D World logo), the "Spective" is based off the font of the NES logo, and the "The" is referenced from the Donkey Kong NES box art (specifically, the NA version).

Fun fact, I originally conceptualized this section back in late 2021. However, I called it "The Super Mario Bros. Super Review!" back then, as a reference to the Super Mario Bros. Super Show. I even made a logo for it:
The Super Mario Bros. Super Review! - Logo.png

I ultimately ended up changing the name, because I felt the name "The Mariospective" was more reflective of what my section was about (a retrospective series of old Mario games) than "The Super Mario Bros. Super Review" (which could apply to a review of any Mario game).

Back then, I also made these - I guess you could call them collages? - of sprites pertaining to each of the Mario NES games on NSO. I even started Super Mario World, though I never completed it. These images were planned to be used in the section itself, but I dropped that when I renamed the section. Here they are:
The Super Mario Bros. Super Review! (2021) - 1. Donkey Kong.png
The Super Mario Bros. Super Review! (2021) - 2. Donkey Kong Jr..png
The Super Mario Bros. Super Review! (2021) - 3. Mario Bros..png
The Super Mario Bros. Super Review! (2021) - 4. Pinball.png
The Super Mario Bros. Super Review! (2021) - 5. Donkey Kong 3.png
The Super Mario Bros. Super Review! (2021) - 6. Wrecking Crew.png
The Super Mario Bros. Super Review! (2021) - 7. Super Mario Bros..png
The Super Mario Bros. Super Review! (2021) - 8. Super Mario Bros.- The Lost Levels.png
The Super Mario Bros. Super Review! (2021) - 9. Super Mario Bros. 2.png
The Super Mario Bros. Super Review! (2021) - 10. Super Mario Bros. 3.png
The Super Mario Bros. Super Review! (2021) - 11. Dr. Mario.png
The Super Mario Bros. Super Review! (2021) - 12. NES Open Tournament Golf.png
The Super Mario Bros. Super Review! (2021) - 13. Yoshi.png
The Super Mario Bros. Super Review! (2021) - 14. Wario's Woods.png
The Super Mario Bros. Super Review! (2021) - 15. Super Mario World (Unfinished).png

I ended up not actually going forth with the section in 2021, which I believe was due to time constraints - I was juggling Picross and Super Mario Maker Showcase at the time, and had already resigned from Monthly Inquisition due to the same reason.

In late 2022, I returned to the concept, and I planned to debut the section in January 2023. Remember those images I posted in my last post? Those were actually intended for The Super Mario Bros. Review as well, and were all made in December 2022. I even wrote several reviews at the time, but once again, I dropped the section due to a lack of motivation, and it wasn't until a year later that I revisited the section. I am kinda glad I waited, though, because it wasn't until this year that I revamped the section's title, and I think "The Mariospective" is a more descriptive and a more concise title than "The Super Mario Bros. Super Review".
Well, this'll be my last post of 2023 (in my timezone, at least). While I don't have any art to share this time around, I've compiled all the art I've posted in this thread into a Google Drive folder, organized into sections, which makes it more convenient to sift through rather than this thread. The only stuff I haven't put there are videos I've made, which I have posted on my YouTube channel. I also plan on updating the opening post over the next few days with all of my art as well.

As for next year, I hope to post more consistently. Even though I haven't posted much this year, hopefully the daily posts at the tail-end of the year made up for it somewhat.
First post of the year in this thread! I made yet another portrait, this time of Shelford 'Shroom, Wright Forde 'Shroom's dad. He's a mechanic for a living, hence his appearance. I used WFS' portrait as a base, and worked from there. As usual, I made two versions of his portrait, with and without outlines.

Shelford 'Shroom.png
Shelford 'Shroom (Without Outlines)-1.png
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I did a portrait of Wright Forde 'Shroom's dad, so, naturally, I made a portrait of Wright Forde 'Shroom's mom, Rita 'Shroom, next. Her profession is as an independent novelist, so I tried to reflect that in her attire.
Rita 'Shroom.png
Rita 'Shroom (Without Outlines).png

I also want to make more portraits, so I'd like to try making portraits of community characters. So, if you'd like me to make a portrait of your character or OC, then all you need to do is submit their name and description of their physical appearance (or a reference image) in this thread, and I'll make a portrait of them in the style of the ones I've done so far.
I also want to make more portraits, so I'd like to try making portraits of community characters. So, if you'd like me to make a portrait of your character or OC, then all you need to do is submit their name and description of their physical appearance (or a reference image) in this thread, and I'll make a portrait of them in the style of the ones I've done so far.
Since you offered, how about Shmaluigi?

While I don't have anything major to show this time, I made a bunch of small things recently.

To start, I revamped my signature yesterday. I think the last time I updated it was in 2021, so it was in sore need of a refresh. I replaced the old Goombuigi logo (which was simply my name written in the Mario font) with this new one:
Goombuigi - Logo.png

This logo replaces the two "o"s with the signature Goomba eyes and eyebrows, I thought they gave it a bit more personality.

I also replaced the Goombuigi sprites in my sig (don't worry, you can still find them in my "about me" page, which I've also been revamping) with new sprites. Since I'm going through NES games in The Mariospective, I thought it would be fun to make a Goombuigi sprite in the style of each game as I go along, using their color palette. So far, I have three:
NES Goombuigi (1. Donkey Kong) - Big.png
Donkey Kong,

NES Goombuigi (2. Donkey Kong Jr.) - Big.png
Donkey Kong Jr.,

NES Goombuigi (3. Mario Bros.) - Big.png
and Mario Bros.
They also link to their respective sections of The Mariospective, because why not?

Lastly, profile banners are now a thing! So, of course, I had to make my own. My first attempt was as such:
Old Banner.png

This banner just uses my portrait and logo on a plain background. However, it didn't look too good with stuff laid on top of it:
Screenshot 2024-02-13 at 18.19.30.png

So, I figured a simple background pattern would look the best, and here's what I came up with:
Goombuigi - Banner.png

This banner features four icons associated with 'Shroom sections that I've written. The nail represents Picross, the microphone represents Monthly Inquisition, the Super Hammer represents Super Mario Maker Showcase, and the NES Controller represents The Mariospective. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.
Banner (Nail).png
Banner (Microphone).png
Banner (Super Hammer).png
Banner (NES Controller).png
I made a couple of small things recently - the first of these is the logo for The 'Shroom's Special Saga. It's based on the font and frame used in The 'Shroom's main banner.

This second thing needs a bit of context. So, the other day, I watched a video where someone made a sprite of Mario, starting with one color, and continuously adding colors to the sprite until there were a ton of different colors incorporated. So I thought it would be fun to challenge myself to try this on my own, with a sprite of Goombuigi. This is what I made, starting with 1 color and ending at 50 individual colors:

Goombuigi Sprite Big.gif


Also, I restocked on polymer clay recently, so I'd like to hopefully make something with it soon, since it's been a good while since I last made something out of clay.