Do you think the Switch should count as a console or a handheld?

Console or handheld?

  • Console, most definitely.

  • Absolutely, 100% handheld

  • Beats me. I don't own one.

  • I really don't care for the Switch at all.

  • Eh, both, really...

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Ray Trace

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Don't see why it has to be mutually exclusive, it is set up to be played on a TV and you can carry it around as well.


Awards Committee
Nintendo originally stated that the Switch was a "home console first", but then they released the Switch Lite, which is a "dedicated handheld". So it really belongs to both categories, as it can be used as either a fully functioning home console that never leaves the dock, or a fully functioning handheld that never touches the dock.


Shine Sprite
Poll Committee
Seeing as the Switch replaced the Wii U and the Switch Lite replaced the 3DS, it took over both console and handheld territories. So in that sense, I would count it as both.

Princess Viola

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Based on some other communities I've seen, the Switch should be classified as a home console when you're negatively comparing it to the other home consoles and a handheld when you want to praise devs for 'getting something like THIS running on a handheld' :P

Nah but serious, I'd just classify it as both, cause that's what it is, ya know? (Switch Lite excluded, obviously, that's just a handheld)


It's primarily a handheld which is now even more obvious thanks to one of the models being exclusively handheld. I mean, nobody would argue that a phone is a home console but you could set it up to a TV it you really wanted to.

Mak n' sauce

the sauced boi
you know, I most often play it on the tv, but like of course, I bring it while I'm gone, AKA handheld mode, so i can't really say that it's one or another so it's honestly both