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I don't have any suggestions for new ones, but based on how much (or rather, not so much) I've personally seen them get used, I think we could safely get rid of the Boo, Blooper, Buzzy Beetle and Bob-omb in favour of new ones- I can't recall seeing them used much at all. And based on more of my own preferences, I think we could probably lose Dr. and/or Metal Mario.

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Add these:

☪✝☯🕎,🇺🇲 🇺🇳 ✡:boo:

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Add Dr. Fire Mario
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Application: Being sure of something, Anger
It looks more like serious enthusiasm (I can't wait to main the hell outta Waluigi!!!), or proud accomplishment (Yes!!!!! I conquered perfect run!!!) Rather than anger. Not sure if the emotion is conveyed the same scaled to 32x32 either. Not sure if we have an angry one yet, but imo maybe do Wiggler, just a head?


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Is there a significance to bowser being circled red or was that a mishap


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Something Mario Maker could be cool. Robot / eraser / hammer / dog / ninji all possibilities.

+1 for Mario thinking and Hammer Bro shook

I just realised I don't know how to view / insert emotes on the mobile site. But I like DK, Diddy, Yoshi, Birdo, Rosalina and PGP. Though I agree that Rosa and PGP mainly exist to be character rep and not an emotion. So they could be reworked for that reason.


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officially voting to strike, due to their lack of support and usage in the discord and my preference to replace them with more interesting ones:

buzzy beetle
dry bowser
swim kirby
metal mario


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A few suggestions:

In terms of what you should remove, imo Dr. Mario, Luma, Samus, Sneeze, and Spear.



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Our server is now boosted to Level 1 which includes these:

Boosted server perks include —
+50 server emoji slots (for a total of 100)
128 Kbps audio quality
Animated server icon
Custom server invite background
720p 60fps Go Live streams
What this means now is that the old emojis can come back, but I think some of them should stay dead. More suggestions can flood in, though! Thanks to whoever Bowser201 is, no idea who they are but they certainly have good taste :bowser:


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I know, I know, we already have two Ashley smileys but I think we can get a lot of milleage out of this one


(I also resuggest the shitty GBA Diddy I posted on the previous page)