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Through the power of Porple telling us that we already can change them, we are now opening the opportunity to swap out our set of emojis on our Discord server! For a while now this has been percolating in discussions here and there, but now we're doing it!

This is what we currently have:

There are also currently no animated emoji for you capitalists.

Please tell us which of these current emojis you would like to see stay, which you want to see go, and please suggest any emojis you could see being fun and useful! To make this easier, if possible, post your suggested images at a maximum size of 256kb, and will be resized to 32x32.

Super Mario Bros.

Oh boy! Haha!
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I would say to keep Yoshi, Tumble, Toad, Posh Bowser Jr., Porple, Pink Gold Peach, Confused Koopa, Doge, the two Donkey Kongs, Diddy Kong, Cheep Cheep, Boshi, Birdo, and Ashley.

As for recommendations...


Paper Ray Trace

The flattest and most real Paper Mario character.
keep all the ones my sister and i had drawn

baby mario
baby luigi
diddy kong

(forgot who drew shy guy)

kill off the terrible oc garish trickster mario

id also remove dated 2010 memes on there but since people apparently like them i guess that won't happen

dry bowser and dry bones need serious respriting


Shy Guy
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Remove Metal Mario and Dr. Mario. They have a small amount of emotion and we already have regular Mario. Keep the ones Anton circled green, Toadette, Lakitu, and Keyzer.


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personal favorites:

spear guy
shy guy
fancy mario
both donkey kongs
diddy kong
cheep cheep
boswer jr

additionally voting to kill trickster, with as much lethal force as needed

neutral on everything else

Dr. Eggman

This is so embarrassing!
Get rid of Trickster, Doge and the variants of Posh and Mario. If we're going to have multiple emojis of one character, I'd prefer it if they were like New Mario and DK2, which fill a different role from Mario and DK.

The only ones I really want to keep are the DKs, Spear, Cheep Cheep, Toad, Tumble, Yoshi, Koopa and Boshi as they're useful as reactions. I don't care too much about the others, as I feel a lot of the emojis don't really serve a purpose besides just having an emoji for that character.

Paper Mario the First

He is the one and only....
my lungfish ones i really think have a niche that isn't just "random mario emote for the sake of a character"; the third and fourth one are good ones; maybe the first overlaps with toad, the second overlaps with grinning dk, but the third and fourth, don't see an overlap (possibly a long-face or disappointment or glumness, but it does the emotion a lot stronger that i think isn't quite conveyed by cheep cheep)

good ones, btw, have to address that

:diddy: (no other ones are used for light sarcasm or smugness, so it's a great one)
:new: (goofy childish excitement like being hyped for a children's video game)
:goomba: (unamused, frustration)
:cheep: (disappointment, forlorn)
:koopa: (obvious applications)
:toad: (obvious applications)
:luigi: (straight face, overlaps with :lakitu:)
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It'll need resizing but somebody got it to work in a different server so