Things that are awesome in any Mario game


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Because we all need a little positivity, just talk about good aspects about any Mario game.

You can count for any Mario game to have great music, at worst, the Mario game's music is just forgettable instead of outright bad, I wish we had more albums for the games

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There are sooooo many things that could go on this list. If I were to come up with all the things I love about various Mario games, it would take hours. I don't even know where to start.

Well, you mentioned music, so I'm gonna go ahead and say that Galaxy has the best soundtrack in the series. I'd even say it's one of the best video game soundtracks I've ever heard. Galaxy's music is low hanging fruit for a thread like this, but someone's gotta say it. We all know it's stellar.

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I love that Sunshine had a unique level themes unlike any Mario game, yet still had an overall theme connecting them. There was a harbor level, a hotel level, an amusement park level. All sharing the tropical island motif, yet with their own distinct look and feel. Nowadays we're lucky if we get anything outside of grass, desert, water, etc.

The Paper Mario games have great humor, especially when the player is given a choice of what to say.

Galaxy has amazing music and the best artstyle in a Mario game. It's disappointing that they decided to give everything a plastic coating in Mario. The warm, soft graphics of Galaxy look fantastic.

Mario Kart DS is just a damn good game, what else is there to say on that one?

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Solid gameplay.

Like I just started playing the OG NSMB recently, and it's super simple. Yet there's that element I can't describe that makes it so damn fun. I'm not talking about the fact that it's more unique than the rest of the NSMB games, that doesn't count for shit in my book. I just love that you can run around the way you can, I guess that's the best way to say it.

Oh yeah and bring back those twirly spring things that propel you up in the sky when you jump on them. Those are great.

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I gotta say I've always been a fan of how every developer that has worked on the Mario series has reimagined it in a way. I guess that's the natural course of any big franchise to some extent, and most of the time this can create a lot of disconnections within it. Mario is no exception to this situation, but it's fun thinking how the adventures surrounding this character can be so cheerful and twee while at the same time completely ignoring a reality in which Wario hides rotting zombies in its basement, or a great pharaoh once starved his people to please a powerful demon.


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Not so much airship levels but just airships in general. I love flying ships armed to the teeth with weapons.


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Unless the bottom opens up to reveal rocket launchers, no.

Though I do like blimps all the same.


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Racing as a time paradox baby version of an existing character driving a kart perfectly while armed with a vicious beast through a lava-filled villain lair and winning against the competition is always going to be a satisfying experience, and I'm so glad Mario Kart was able to deliver on that.

Mario Party always manages to make itself freaking hilarious especially with CPUs involved so it's always a blast to play through one of those while CPUs act like morons. I really wish we can watch the game play itself again, what an experience.

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Every time I think of something's that's awesome in every Mario game, I think of

And I also think of

This is also a Bumpty. Look at it walk. Look at it waddle. Funny. Also NOT PLAYABLE IN ANY MARIO SPINOFF YET YA GOOFS.

Also I won't forget Cluckboom EVER. Even though it doesn't begin to qualify for "awesome in every Mario game", I'll always be here to remind you that such an enemy has existed at one point in a Mario game.

Finally, Wario being in constant misery is always awesome.


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Well in "Things that suck about any Mario game" I did one thing for every Mario game I have so lets-a-go-again.

Super Mario Land: First Mario (or platformer at least) game on a handheld
Super Mario Land 2: Debut of Wario
Super Mario 64: Pioneered the 3D platforming genre.
Paper Mario 64: Great writing, good plot so far, good music, good artstyle.
Super Mario Sunshine: F.L.U.D.D is cool to mess around with and genuinely interesting for the platforming
Superstar Saga: Villains
TTYD: Battle system, memorable characters, excellent plot, great music, good dialogue
Mario Party 6: Haven't played this yet but it was the most recommended one in my thread and reportedly has good minigames
NSMBDS: Just a cool Mario platformer which is also portable.
Super Paper Mario: Divine story, unique feels trip, a lot of my favourite characters are from here, amazing music, good worlds, great dialogue, unique gameplay, alright level design.
Super Mario Galaxy 1: Great visuals aside from not being HD, excellent OST, existent story, uses the Wii's pointing and motion controls well, great controls, excellent gameplay and level design.
Mario Kart Wii: It's at least a little bit a blast to have a race, even if it's my least favourite Mario game.
Bowser's Inside Story: Great music, funny dialogue, get to do cool stuff with Bowser by interactive with his body, unique switching between Mario bros. and Bowser mechanics, decent story.
NSMBW: Sadly got rid of some things from the DS version but nonetheless keeps most of the fun and has better graphics and multiplayer, and has some powerups the DS version didn't have, plus better saving mechanics.
Galaxy 2: Fresh set of galaxies from the first one for a game with such awesome graphics and gameplay, maintaining the excellent level design and bringin even more legendary music. The gameplay additions such as Yoshi, new powerups, and green stars are much appreciated.
DKCR: Feels amazingly atmospheric and natural, gameplay is pretty interesting, good music.
London 2012: I like the dream events, swimming, and gymnastics. That reference to Galaxy 2 was great. It's nice to be able to play a sports game with the Wii's motion controls.
Mario Party 9: Good music, fun minigames, looks pretty nice, the stars thing was awesome, some interesting variety of modes to play in.
3D World: Excellent graphics, great multiplayer, character choice especially considering
That I'll eventually get to play as Rosalina
Gameplay isn't bad, level design is great, music is decent.
Color Splash: Haven't played this but it looks incredible graphically.
I love the absurdity of the different situations and characters. It's all so unusual yet unique, not only with italian plumbers saving princesses from turtle oxes or some crap but also with Peachette and an evil floating tennis racket called Lucien being the no 1 example.

I honestly want Mario to be as dumb, funny and absurd as it can be. It just works and I love it.


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Remember that time Bowser stole the source of music and rhythm to cure his tone deafness?

I do.
Remember that time Bowser stole the source of music and rhythm to cure his tone deafness?

I do.
That's right lol. This hilariously absurd situation is for me, for example, infinitely better than the entirety of SPM's plot. More please.
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Or the plot of Super Mario Maker 2's storyline where they have to re-build Peach's castle because the dog jumped on the reset button.


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Also you defeat him by launching a rocket at him. The rocket takes out a hammer and bonks him.


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Or the plot of Super Mario Maker 2's storyline where they have to re-build Peach's castle because the dog jumped on the reset button.
What I love about that is the fact they literally could have pushed him off the button at any point but chose to run around screaming instead.

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But such lovable morons in a self-aware setting, not like the insufferable morons like Yoshi in the cartoons.


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I love Mario. I will never stop playing Mario. Even when I grow up, I will still play Mario.