Experiment: Is there a link to personality and favorite Mario character


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What if there is a link to what kind of characters you like and your personality?
Obviously, there is too many Mario characters to limit it to 16, let's see if a certain type of characters comes up a lot, the experiment concludes in 7 days, that should be enough time
As for me, my favorite is 5-Volt and my personality type is INFP-T

Dr. Mario

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INFP-T, I'm the third I guess.

Well, you probably know my favorite character by then. :mario:

Funny to entertain a link, but I wouldn't take the results seriously.

Dr. Luigi

Prepared for the job... maybe
When I took the test last year I got INFP-T, this year I got ESPF-T. I've changed I guess


Sylvain José Gautier

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And... as for what concerns favorite character...

Um... well... I'll just say the Mario Bros themselves because really, there's not all that much people I really have that strong an opinion on besides these two. From this series at least.

BBQ Turtle

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I got ISFJ-A, and my favourite characters are Dasiy, Shy Guy and Nabbit.

Dr. Baby Luigi

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favorite characters are the babies and toad and toadette

i guess Baby Luigi does fit some of these especially introverted


I see it, i like it, i want it, i got it.

So this is me ... i can say that i do have key things in common with Rosalina.

I am introverted and i am emotional but as a ''defender'' i can overcome those things when i trust my environment and i feel comfortable... just like Rosalina does.

i guess i would like to be more assertive to make a more accurate match but its all good for now.

as a side note i like how this type uses blue as the color, i love blue.


Your kind, considerate, werewolf girlfriend
Hmm, I don't think I got a character link but I do see a pattern of people on the board, guess we just got to stick together

Dr. Luigi D. Broski

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I'm-a INFJ-T

My favorite is Weegee.

To be honest, I'm kinda like a real-life Luigi. We both have almost the exact same personality in the real world.