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LeftyGreenMario said:
It will go down as the movie to end all movies

The movie that is worse than Mario Bros. (Movie)
There was a movie to end all movies and is worse than the Super Mario Bros film. It happened in July 28, 2017. It was animated. And it was by Sony Pictures Animation.
But even that didn't "end all movies". Even though it was...pretty bad.


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As long as that and Epic Movie exist, we're going to have terrible adaptations.


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I'd argue that The Star Wars Holiday Special is worse than both of those films, and there are even movies worse than that, like After Last Season.

Imagine watching a movie three times and still not understanding what happened. Imagine a movie with a five million dollar budget (A lot for a no-name studio, mind you) where all the sets consist of literal printer paper.

That is the glory of After Last Season.

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eh i've seen lots of reviews for bad movies and there's no movie i dislike more than god's not dead and god's not dead 2


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I'll believe it when they officially announce it. If it is official, then props to them for keeping the real aesthetic while returning to the Sonic we all know and (kinda on my end) love.
But if it's fake, it's still a really good mock-up.

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man i have mixed feelings on this

I do think the design is so much better if it was indeed real but I'm just thinking of the back-breaking crunch labor that needs to be re-performed by the artists to meet the quota, as, if the height of the new design is changed, pretty much every scene has to be reshot and rerendered. And it's all over a movie that is still probably going to be very mediocre from the looks of things, just without a Sonic that wants you to tear your eyes out by the sight of it.

Still, assuming the design is real, it's good to see Hollywood arrogance gets up theirs but I almost think it's just not worth saving the movie.

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Aww man, that looks normal. How boring.


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Looks like it could actually be real, but I still don't trust leaks.

Ah we'll just have to wait until we get a new trailer. It's pretty likely that we get one just a few days later or something.


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The only thing I'm confused about now (and then, but there was worse things to critique then) is why do his quills look more like fur


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I kinda wish they would stick more aligned with Sonic's canon though. I wonder is this pre-Shadow? Which Robotnik is it? Is Robotnik pretending to be an Earthling discovering Sonic, or is he really newly discovering Sonic?
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The difference between this trailer and the last one is like night and day.

I still don't think it will be a good movie because of video game movies always being shit but, at least they actually listened to people.