Sonic the Hedgehog Movie

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The redesign is great, but I'm still not impressed with the movie itself. I'm not gonna get excited for it, it's a video game movie, it's bound to be at most mediocre.

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It's really good they have a redesign but it probably caused artists A LOT of misery. People are saying the old design is part of some media stunt. I say, no, that's conspiratorial thinking and in real life, pulling off that stunt would've been WAY too costly. The real life is that executives are talentless hacks that exert full control over the product, and artists ranging from concept artists, modelers, animators, effect artists, post production, etc all have to follow what executives want.

If you have 20 minutes to spare, it's worth looking at this video

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I just want to say that I always knew that Jim Carrey's eggman would actually be Dr. Robotnik since Jim Carrey is not shaped like an egg.

(Although I am disappointed that he isn't played by Alfred Coleman)
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The difference between this trailer and the last one is like night and day.

I still don't think it will be a good movie because of video game movies always being shit but, at least they actually listened to people.
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Wth is wrong with me? I haven't even talked about my opinion on the design!

I think it looks fantastic, definitely an improvement. Might be an unpopulated opinion, but I thimk this is my new favourite sonic design. He just looks so cute and fluffy I almost wanna hug him. Like, even if the movie was ass, I'd enjoy it because of how amazing this design is.

Also trailer is much better. They used actual sonic my instead of frickin gangstas paradise.
Some tidbits on the process of designing the Sonic

The animator notes that it was Paramount that pushed for the first design, which it was confident in. While it knew it would be controversial, it thought it would be generally accepted, and that it was a good fit for the live-action elements of the movie. Again, Paramount knew there would be backlash, but it didn't anticipate the backlash being big enough to warrant making any changes.
I am not surprised Paramount pushed for the first design, knowing that it was going to be hated by Sonic fans (you know, the demographic that'll see a Sonic movie to begin with), but thinking that'll appeal to the general audience anyway, thinking that this first horrendous twisted abomination of a classic, recognizable character will be somehow more appealing than his traditional design that has stood the lengths of time that Sega had perfected.

How many times has this "realistic redesign" been abject failures when it comes to adaptations of a cartoon property? Did they not learn from the disaster that is the Super Mario Bros. movie? Did they not learn from the success of Detective Pikachu? What about the Marvel movies?

Artistically bankrupt fuckheads. It's this arrogance that these people think they know better than the artists that gets to me. That they think we want this horrible, angular, squinty-eyed abomination of a Sonic.