Sonic the Hedgehog Movie


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Welp reviews be coming in, they are about what I expected.

Few positive, few negative, plenty middle of the road.

I guess for a video game movie you could do a lot worse.

Sailor Mario

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Huh are video game movies finally shedding that horrible reputation they tend to lug around? They now elevated to being.... okay?

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It's a lot better than what I expected it to be: a dumpster fire.

I think the new Sonic design helped fixed things a lot. We don't want to be staring at an abomination for an hour and 30 minutes.

Ray Trace

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i watched the movie

i actually found it pretty decent. maybe on par with detective pikachu. i really like jim carrey in this movie, even if he's doing his jim carrey schtick, he gives a different, wacky but evil interpretation of eggman that i enjoyed. and i sorta wish we had more cop stuff going on but hey, we got sonic running fast a lot. there isn't stuff for die-hard sonic fans like you're not going to find much deep lore, but it was entertaining for me regardless.

Sailor Mario

Mushroom Kingdom's most out-there sailor
As far as Sonic movies go, this can be a lot worse. I think it's a fun brainless popcorn flick but don't expect too much Sonic elements beyond Sonic, going fast, and rings. Oh and there's Jim Carey there too.


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The Sonic movie was fun to watch.

But why does he floss...twice? He could've done the dance from the second trailer.


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I just saw the movie. It was OK - my rating is 7.5/10.
I fully agree that there was a small bit more flossing than there needed to be.
If the sequel (which most definitely will happen) has Tails in it, I sure hope that they don't have to call the third "Sonic 3 and Knuckles"; we don't need memes in this movie. Although memes didn't stop them from dropping Sanic in there.


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I done seen the flick.

Really good for little ones. Not a lot there for oldies / 10

Felt very 90s kid movie. Had a lot of unironic camp, like TMNT or Power Rangers. Though they kept splashing in modern references like Uber and 'flossing' which seemed out of place. Or maybe I'm just old. :P

Jim Carrey is perfect casting, particularly for the 90s kids movie feel. He does a great job.

Sonic is very childish. He's different to his rude-dude attitude from Sonic X and the modern games. I probably would have preferred the latter but ymmv. Both are obnoxious in their own ways so pick your poison.

There was a nice Green Hill Zone musical arrangement towards the end. Made me smile.

The post-credits scene with Tails was a surprise. He was animated really well. But now that the VFX studio who worked on the movie has shut down, I don't like the chances of a sequel. Maybe if the movie makes bank.

In all it had some good gags and was fun enough. I wouldn't call it a great movie. It's Garfield-CGI-movie kiddy fun. I liked Detective Pikachu a LOT more, though.

Now excuse me, I'd like to do a full rewatch of Sonic X. I never watched it in full. XD


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